I may have to flip-flop and agree with Fareway...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dcplace2004, Jul 7, 2005.

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    with all the junk that I said against the edging work, I may have to agree with Fareway. This is after I asked some customers about it and got their viewpoints...they did not really care, as long as it had some kind of edge and was neat...if they want a blade, then they will pay to have a blade cut...and no yard for 25 dollars is going to get a blade cut from me...not even 30 or 35 dollars either...I have the Stihl FS 110R and it freaking cuts a path like a blade would--well, almost...it digs a trench with no effort and puts a wonderful edge...I had an echo from home cheapo and it sucked...so I got my money back and got the Stihl...Is it a pride thing to put an edge with a blade from a stick edger for 25?...Well, that pride thing may be a waste of time thing...give the customers what they want and that is it...I will say that maybe the picture shown was on the rough looking side, but the idea I am talking about is you get what you pay for...
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    Unless you want to always do bargain basement work remember that your reputation is only as good as the last job you did. Want to do those multi-million dollar estates? Better get out the edger and do as good a job as you can. Two things to always remember...

    1: Someone is always home
    2: Someone is always watching

    Don't get me wrong here. I have a job that I do that I just really don't give a damn how it turns out. But I don't make that policy. It's the exception. Every other job I do looks great when I'm done. And if there's a concrete sidewalk or driveway it gets stick edged. I don't care what Fareway says. I'm doing it because it looks good and I like it.

    And I do do the multi-million dollar estates. By myself.
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    if you edge with a blade occasionally, you can use the trimmer all the other times and still get the same exact results. like 4 out of 5 times use the trimmer.
    as far as million dollar estates. i do some very upper class areas. although i do get more per cut, there is alot more effort on my part. if you can group smaller houses right, you can get them done faster, and make more then sevicing larger, high end properties.
    from what i've seen, fareway is set up similar to, with smaller houses and 21" mowers. you can fly through these houses and make a killing.
    in the end, despite what accounts are being done, and how they are serviced, or even how they look i guess, it's the money we take home that is the key.
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    I'll edge faster with a stick than anyone can do with a string trimmer...period. Then, the final appearance will be superior to that of a string trimmer, also. No scalped grass, even DEPTH of line, etc. And I didn't take a sandblasting to the face to achieve it, either.
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    do a search this has been beat to death, edgers are for edging, trimmers are for trimmiing, .... the trimmer leaves burnt edges and eventually leaves a gully along the sidewalk......
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    I don't mean to sound like an ass but I have a walk behind edger, and with my string trimmer I can do an edge jof the same quality. Of course for the first time I service a property it sometimes needs some help from the walk behind edger (which is a craftsman but works just as good as any other one), one I get that initial edge in with the big edger I then use my trimmer everytime I cut, maybe your stick edger is faster but I can walk pretty fast with my trimmer, I don't have to go back to the truck to get it, and I don't have to pay for another peice of equipment.
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    I am set up to do small residentials also. I have never used a stick edger on any of my lawns. I maintain the edge with my trimmer and it looks fine and I have never had any complaints about the edging. It goes back to the speed vs. quality thing. I could edge with a stick edger and I am sure it would look better, but am I really going to land enough new accounts because of that edge to make it worth my while? I do not know the answer to that question, but I think stick edging every one of my properties for free would be a waste of time. Maybe if I sold a new customer on a once a month stick edging and made up for it in price, I would do it. I do agree with anyone who says that your best advertisement is the quality of your work, and I do good work, but my edges are not perfect. Then again, the customers don't really care if it is perfect, as long as it looks neat and maintained they are all happy, and most tell me I do good work, so, why stick edge?
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    Once I've established an edge, I can edge with a trimmer. However, it takes me longer to do it that way and I cut a more consistent edge with a blade.

    I'm not saying that it's impossible to edge as quickly with a trimmer as with an edger, but it strikes me as implausible. As for having the second instrument, there are two ways of looking at that: it keeps an employee or employees busy; and the wear and tear on a trimmer will roughly equal the cost of the edger over time.

    In the final crunch of things, though, if the customer is happy, who really cares?

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