I might buy a sk350 with bucket

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by CAPT Stream Rotar, Jul 7, 2014.

  1. bobw

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    SK350 is not great for plowing snow. It's ground pressure is too light, so it tends to spin its tracks on heavier snows. Still better than a shovel.

    Kohler Vtwin in mine; decent engine, burns fuel at a pretty good rate though. I bought a 350 so it'd fit through 36" gates; in hindsight, not that many gates in my life..would rather have gone to the biggest model with a diesel and more lifting capacity.
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  3. grassman177

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    I would think the ditchwitch would be fine overall for a good price, but we have the bigger models with the diesel and it is outstanding. I would think that model be similar to a dingo trx with the 24hp or so...good, but not a diesel!
  4. Tom Tom

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    So why you buying?

    To me overrated to own.
  5. Irrigation Contractor

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    Maybe the OP did not need the unit full time, but renting would cost us a fortune.

    We have two Vermeer S800 TX mini skids and two 320D Dingo's.

    Highly recommend both of these machines; especially the Vermeer 800's. Crazy power and the rubber tracks are a huge benefit.

    If you are going to trench daily in rocky areas like we do....you may end up having to beef up the attachments. Full welded rock chains help for sure, but we modify all our attachments otherwise they do not hold up.
  6. grassman177

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    yup, owning is always better if you use it full time. no question there
  7. RhettMan

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    i dont know if asking such a question is taboo.....but i am curious of the rental rates yall stumble upon for the tools often used in this type of work....

    I love equipment, I used to OBSESS over magazines of machine advertisements while in school (if you dont know yet, i am weird like that)

    However, considering the generousity of rental companys in situations where a machine is in need or repair, and the low cost of being able to take full use of the machine for a day, or a week, or even longer: I dont find it easy to justify owning such high priced - hard worked machines.

    if im not mistaken I can rent a tracked walkbehind ditch witch here for a day for around 70 bucks.

    Still, perhaps im not seeing the larger picture?
    What are yall's rates on irrigation machines? (if thats an okay tpye of question to ask, i have no clue)
  8. Without A Drought

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    rent it until you can justify the purchase. how hard is that?
  9. RhettMan

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    what kind of volume are we talking about? :)
  10. irritation

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    One job, you should be able to rent a machine and make enough to offset rental costs. Sometimes you wonder if payments and maintenance are worth it.:hammerhead:

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