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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by steelcity, May 5, 2002.

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    hey everyone i was thinking of a new toy this year, the WALKER MOWER 48" GHS. I currently have a 32" toro and 48" Bunton, 2 toro 21" prolines. I was thinking of selling the 48" bunton and putting the money towards the walker. i don't know if i can afford the new model but was wondering if buying a used one is worth while. I was talking to the local dealer and he said if i found one used he would look at it for me to make sure it was in good shape. Anyway if i could get decent money for the Bunton do you think getting the walker would increase overall productivity for me. I am currently servicing 55-60 accounts with one employee and myself weekly.
    just looking for your opinions and thoughts
    thanks!:blob3: :blob4: :D
  2. General Grounds

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    :blob3: steel, if you do purchase a used walker i would buy it from a dealer who may have brought it in on a trade, this way you know it was serviced to some point. a walker mower requires that the owner sits down and greases the machine, many lco around here dont grease and have a ton of different problems. if you purchase a used walker take a look at the blower housing , usually after 3 years or so the housing wears out and small slits appear, give the fan a good look to b/c if the housing is worn good chance the fan is to. also give the shaft and u-joints that operate the deck a good look, usually a place that getts missed by the grease gun, good luck,tony
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    It will increase your productivity if the lawns that you service require that type of mower. I have a Walker 42"GHS and it cut my time in half when I finally realized that I should use commercial equipment over a lawn tractor. A walker is great for small properties or properties where you have a lot of trees or turns. It can't be beat if you need to bag. The Walker also shines for spring and fall cleanups. What it cant do is production mowing. If you have acreage you need a midmount Z. I wont even attemt to name a brand.
    I have a Walker and will always have one. My smallest lawn is 2000 sq ft and I use the Walker on it. My largest is 44,000 sq ft and very wooded and hilly. I use the Walker on it also. I have a few lawns that have open areas but at this moment it isn't enough to justify a 10k Z.
    I personally have 25 weekly accounts. I bought my Walker new and paid for it in way less than a season. I actually generated enough income in a spring cleanup season to 3/4 pay of one. Working solo. Its my main mower. Consider all of your financing options for purchase.

    I would suggest doing what I did and contact a dealer or regional distributor and demo a Walker for a week if they allow it, otherwise try it on a cross section of properties. I had one for a week and couldnt believe how it helped me on my lawns. I was sold. They certainly aren't for everyone but if your situation is right, this thing is a money making and time saving machine.
    Good Luck.
  4. musselman

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    I agree with all of the statements made so far. You cant beat the walker for bagging and clean-up or for small areas. I use it for about everything, I have a 62" deck that takes care of the open areas and know walker has come out with even a bigger deck 72" i think. In my opinion for the all around mower it is the best and I own a Dixie and a couple exmarks...actually I just sold the Dixie.

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