I must be nuts!

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by tallrick, Nov 16, 2007.

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    At this time of the year, when the weather is nice I get these strange thoughts about work. Most of my time is spent at a desk, working with paperwork or customers. Sometimes on the weekend I think of when I did those side jobs for friends in the business, back when it was needed. While spending a few hours on a skid loader or crawler loader is routine, or boring for some, it was often fun for me. I still work on equipment from time to time, but occasional operating is something I still think about. I realize it's all but impossible other than at home in the Bobcat, but it's a thought I still get. Strange huh?
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    are you nuts? No you started a business that you enjoyed working in no that you do not need to work i assume you have guys that do it all, you miss it if you want to go out for a day dont you will probally slow your guys down just keep thinking about it. My guys tell me to stay home or keep finding them work but stay away from them im a prefectionist and i spend more time than necessary to finish than really necessary my customers have no complaints, so my job is now estimates, collecting money and playing around at my house i sometimes miss being in the field
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    TallRick........you probably are nuts........ :)
  4. tallrick

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    I confirned it I AM NUTS! This weekend my project was to change the engine in a Bobcat 853. Also discovered that the right chain was stretched, changed that too in addition to the routine maintenance items. Started on Friday, finished today. I was out testing it and having a lot of fun. I have to total the bill for its owner, there's abouut 10 hours of labor and the engine, chain and maintenance items. Old engine was unsalvageable except for the fuel system, and maybe the head. From what I can tell it was flipped and the engine starved for oil. Although I used to work in the lanscape/tree business I am now in the security cam/dvr business and only do side work for lawn care and landscapers. My side work is repairing mowers, chain saws, chippers, trimmers, skid steers, trenchers, etc. You would not believe how many people need a good mechainc. Also unbelievable is how many "mechanics" are rip offs. I always save the old parts to show the customer and often video more involved repair processes so they can see what is actually done. I have gotten all my home equipment from people who could not afford repairs, or gave me their junk as a friend.

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