I named my weedeater LOL

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by topsites, Sep 9, 2006.

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    I finally got the old Echo back, took 6 months for them to fix one stupid thing but ok, the guy said it was a little loud..
    I replied, they told me to make sure the muffler was clear of obstruction and clean, so I CLEANED it out good.

    He said really?
    I said Oh yeah, I think there's a clear and straight path from port to atmosphere LOL.

    So he started it...
    It is a little bit loud, but I LIKE the sound, I like how it is throaty and deep and RICH now, it sounds good and STRONG.

    Then I was using it today and the name just came to me, I had to use it.

    It used to be my 'Echo srm-260s.'
    But now I call it my 'Echo Redneck.'
    When the name fits, use it.
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    It was bloated, too much gas!:laugh:
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    You gutted the muffler? You better get some VP C-16 race fuel for it now, I know you only run 110 octane in that stuff, C-16 is going to be much better and at 9 dollars a gallon why not.

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