I need a bob-tach for a 610

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by northwar, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. northwar

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    I have a great running bobcat 610 that has a direct attach to cylinder tie rods bucket on it and I would like to get a used working bob-tach so I can get a fork lift attachment for it. I don't know where to start looking and could sure use a little help. My 610 drives very slow also which is not a big problem for me but it have read that some of the 610's ( if not all of them ) have a high gear. If any one has some insight on that, that would be great too.
  2. ClippersLC

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    Bobcat 610 as in Bobcat M-610? if thats the case as far as the speed goes, the one I had, had a belt drive and there was a lever next to my knee that I would use to adjust the tension on the belt to make it go faster. as far as the Bob-Tach/Quick-Tach... good luck I never thought about that when i had mine so I never looked in to it.:waving:
  3. beyondupnorth

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    I have a std quick attach blank in the shop, just cut the ears off you bucket and weld on the blank.
    Then weld the Qa plate to your bucket.
    kenkreger at yahoo.com
  4. northwar

    northwar LawnSite Member
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    Thanks clipper for the info. Hey beyond the part I need is what is attached to the bobcat itself. It locks your attachments to the bobcat ( it has the two levers on it that you push down on to lock. Is that what you are reffering to?
  5. beyondupnorth

    beyondupnorth LawnSite Member
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    Yes I also have the plate that weld to the attachment. It's about 3" thick and has the spring loaded levers and lock pins like the std quick attaches on a modern skidsteer. Cut the ears with pin holes off your bucket and weld to this Qa and machine is done, weld plate to back of bucket at its done.
    email me kenkreger@yahoo.com and I'll send you some pics

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