I need a job I wanna work I need a job i wanna work

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Shawns Lawns, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. Shawns Lawns

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    Have any of you that hire help run into this problem. When you run into people that say they want to work and say they need a job. And not that they tell you one time but when they repeatedly tell you and ask you for a job and then when you hire them you cannot get them to come in. :dizzy: :dizzy: I only require help in spring and fall and one day one the job i cannot get them to come back in. That's why i like to limit what i can do to What I Can Do. :waving:
  2. Az Gardener

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    Welcome to the world of running a business not owning a job. It's not easy if it were everyone would be doing it. Tips
    • Look and act professional no one wants to work for someone that they feel superior too. Although they always end up acting superior.
    • You have to offer some hope of something beyond pushing a mower, if there is nothing else you wont get any ambitious applicants only losers living day to day.
    • You have to offer enough pay that a responsible person will be able to support themselves. You know rent, insurance, that type of thing. Could you live on what you are paying.
    • You need to advertise where these type of people are, I use jobbing.com
    Even with all that great advise It is very tough, my only limitation is employees. I also use a timed I.Q test so I know if they have any common sense. Another thing is if you see a place/business that consistently gets good employees ask the manager how they do it. Thats how I came across the IQ test. Good Luck.
  3. Shawns Lawns

    Shawns Lawns LawnSite Senior Member
    from Maine
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    I think you might have missed my point. The point is when they beg for a job and then do not show up for it.
  4. baddboygeorge

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    its the labor industry in general , nobody wants to work hard anymore. these 18- 20 year olds today dont know what work is , to much t.v., computers ,video games etc,. i go thru about 40 employees a year they work a week, a day had some that didnt last an hour . its pitiful , thats why the mexicanos are taking over they dont care about hard work , they love it ! see ya george
  5. Az Gardener

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    I think you missed my point. You hired the wrong guys, who cares why they didn't show up or if they ever will again. What matters is hiring people who will do the work and show up day-in day-out. The guys you want are not begging for jobs they have options and they will chose you because you provide the best opportunity. Beggars are beggars weather they are on the corner asking for a buck or asking you for work, is that who you want representing you? There are legal Americans out there who will do the work I have-5 of them and one Hispanic. You just have to be creative in everything you do or you will be resigned to what you have now. And quit whining, there is no whining in lawn care! :laugh:
  6. ECS

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    Everyone wants a job, but not everyone wants to work. Been in that situation most of my life, especially running a supermarket that was in the top 10 richest communities, per captia, in the country. Get used to it and bear with it as the right person will sooner or later come around. Look for a retired person that wants something to do to pass the time. They are usually from the old school, can not make much money or it will affect their SS.
  7. SLSNursery

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    Shawnslawns -

    We've been pretty lucky in the long term with employees, but last year was ridiculous in the hiring department. Folks who seemed qualified filled out applications, showed up to get interviewed, etc. These were people from all across the demographic chart, from students, to middle aged laborers, to who knows what. We were hiring laborers, to ride shotgun in trucks, without any decision making, etc. These people just would NOT show up. We don't know why. There was a particular Monday last summer that we expected 5 new guys to potentially show up. NONE did, only 1 called. Good thing we knew enough not to count on them. For more specific needs, we cultivate contacts, work with current employees to move them up the ladder. I think it stinks for us, and we have people to work with. I couldn't really suggest what might work for you. Maybe temporary labor companies?!?
  8. Dixie Rob

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    We're in contruction, and to be honest with you, for every 20 we hire, even with good creditials, only about 1 will be a keeper or will hang around.

    It's just how it goes.

    Ya may wanna start hiring people under a probation period, and then if they don't work out, you can fire them with no strings attached.
  9. Shawns Lawns

    Shawns Lawns LawnSite Senior Member
    from Maine
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    Wow :dizzy: Thanks for the input. Is there a reason your not running this country?:weightlifter: Just to let you know it's my thread and MY point, so i believe i would be the one between the two of us that would know what my point is. :nono: You say who cares why they did not show up. So you know in advance before establishing any history with them what they will and will not do. Have you ever picked the winning lottery tickets in advance? Most people in my view don't beg to work somewhere specific they might beg for a job. And not necessarily beg but request for a position often. I congratulate you on your diverse work group you should be very proud. We are all very fortunate of your interpretation to whining.:waving:
  10. CC Lawncare

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    Man, it sounds like we are all suffering from cabin fever. Everybody is edgy or something. I am ready to get to work and clear my head!

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