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Discussion in 'Employment' started by Firstclasslawn, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. Firstclasslawn

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    I am tired of the rat race, so here is my proposition, I have FULL lawn equipment and enclosed trailer, I am tired of not making ends meet, I want to work for someone else, here is what I bring to the table, ALL of my equipment, NOT for sale, just for use, I am white, I speak spanish and english, I have full landscaping knowledge and FULL knowledge to speak to customers and to estimate landscaping or yards and like I said you can pretty much have another crew with me and all of my equipment, I just need a steady check, also I have 4 lawns that I am willing to bring all weekly mowing the 4 total $180 dollars a week, you can have them if you hire me, I just need a steady check around $700 or more a week, But I will prove myself and can also make sales for your company, I just need something steady quick, have a 7 week old baby girl to provide for, checkout my site, I am very professional its www.firstclasslawninc.com I need steady work NOW as in yesterday, call me and lets at least talk 817-907-8271 Toby is the name, Thanks
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    If your good as you say you are, why do you need to work for someone else?
  3. iluvbermuda

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    Dude just spilled his guts trying to make ends meet. If you can't help him out or be positive, then why say anything at all.

    As for you Firstclasslawn...good luck to ya.
  4. Firstclasslawn

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    Yeah ok im not as good as I say I am, listen mr negative, I went through a divorce that cost me 38k and half my customers but I got ful custody of my 2 boys who are 7 and 5, I am posting a honest post looking for honest work, so if you dont have anything positive to say then KMA or say it to me personally if you ever see me, Thanks
  5. Military Lawns

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    That is the most ignorant and inconsiderate reply. This guy is asking for help, not a handout or crazy comments like these! Help or keep it to yourself!

  6. billslawn89

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    i agree with you! did anybody else read firstclasslawn's other posts? :cry:man i can tell you about all my sad stories too, but get on with life! make your biz a success by working hard, do what you gotta do man! :dancing:
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  8. Green Finger

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    Here is what you need to do. I don't know if your children stay with you fulltime. I think you said you have custody. If weekends not sure.

    But.. What you have to do is lower your overhead. From here on out don't buy anything that requires a note. Get rid of your notes if you can. Buy everything used.

    Second keep your business. Try and get an evening or night job. Try the airports, or the high school custodial, or janitorial, or hospital, or securtiy, police dispach. These jobs are ok because they carry benefits.

    Work your night job and cut during the day. Yes you will be tired but try to condense all your cutting for three to two days.

    Grind it out for two years to the point where you build up your clientele then go fulltime back to the business or continue.

    Save you money, be there for your children and you can make it work.

    I know because I did it. Yes it was hard, not being there for your family but i had to do what i had to do. Sometimes they don't understand:cry:

    Hopes this can help.:weightlifter:

    Race is not giving to the swift or the strong but to him that indures.
  9. MowHouston

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    Good advice above. Try using craigslist to grab some jobs if you arent already.

    Also, you need to fix up your guestbook man. Set it so that you have to approve posts. You've got guys on there advertising cell phones, gay sex sites, diet pills, etc.

    Doesnt look too professional and might help you get a few more customers :)
  10. Icepuck72

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    I'll just throw this out there too...

    Prayer always works!! Keep your head up bro.

    Philippians 4:13
    I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.

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