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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by chriscampbell, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. chriscampbell

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    I got a call today to give a bid for a large comcast facility. (the biggest in the country) I took some measurements and it looks like about 75,000s ft of mowable areas. They want it to be fertilized five times and all the shrubs and a few small trees maintained. They are about 85 small bushes and 10 trees. They were just planted last fall so I do not think they will need to be trimmed, the trees that is. Also included is weeding the bed areas and mulch as necessary. Their are 31 islands in the parking lot to be mowed (mower or weed wacker?)and for the most part the 75,000 is the outskirts of the property. Trash and debris will be taken care of the maintenance staff at the facility. She also made it very clear that she wants the facility looking prestine every time. The big wigs visit frequently. They said they will not sign a contract this year because if the LCO they are hire does a bad job they will get the boot. But if I did a good job I could expect the job for years to come. Any suggestions I am unsure of how to bid a job this size or even how long it will take me. The equipment I have now I think could handel it 36in scag 21 toro, 54 lesco ztr. Thanks for any suggestion...
  2. Mdirrigation

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    Tell them you want cable and DSL without a contract see what they say .
  3. Billz

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    wont work, I have cable, and their internet service with no contract.lol
  4. chriscampbell

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    the no contract part does not bother me that much. But i would like to say that I would like to maintaine the property. They spent a ton on the landscaping. I think it would just look good on the resume to have a large account like this.
  5. MMLawn

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    I don't mean this harsh toward you and am only commenting on the situtation as I see it in terms of relativity. Since you are only 19 and this is the biggest Comcast Office in the US and they won't sign a contract, yet want all that work and want it perfect, sounds like she thinks she as found a 19 year old sucker that she thinks she can take advantage of or/and they are going to be a PITA that you can't please and even she knows it.

    I'd tell her no contract, no bid period. Any contract is going to have an out for you both anyway and she knows that I'm sure.

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    Sounds kinda odd, they called you, yet they don't want a contract. I see you're 19 years old, your age might make them hesitant to enter into a contract. Or else they're trying to take advantage of your youthful eagerness. The way I see it, if you're a legit company, and they want your services, they sign a contract. None of this "try it and see" nonsense for a large job like this.

    How long to cut each time do you think, roughly 2 acres, a lot would depend on the layout of the place, those islands are a PITA, not long to mow, but edging, cars in your way. Use a mulching 21 to minimize grass on the pavement.
  7. promower

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    I would ask for a 2-3 week trial agreement. If they like the work then a season contract will have to be signed. Tell them its company policy, and this way they can check out your work without being tied down. Another way to go about this is to have a contract stating either party can cancel at anytime, so again they wouldnt be forced to stay with a company if they didnt like the work. It surprises me they wouldnt want a contract its for there protection as well as yours. Compromise with them but also make sure you get some sort of signed contract.
  8. Soupy

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    Tell them you have to have a signed agreement that states the agreed services and price. Tell her that she can cancel at anytime, but the terms and conditions of the project must be agreed by both parties and signed so there is no confusion on what was promised. If she still says no, then walk from this offer.
  9. Jpocket

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    Either one of you can get out of the contract all of my Commercials have a one month notice, Residential one week.
  10. christmas79

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    Well good luck hope you get it :blob3:

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