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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by LawnEnforcement25, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. LawnEnforcement25

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    Well ive worked with this logo for about a year now with the intentions on sitting down and cleaning it up a bit. It was just some different clipart i took from google, entered into MS paint and altered some things and mated together the mower to the man. Im thinking i now need to have a one off creation to call my own. anyone have any ideas or opinions? im not even sure if my logo is legal since it was taken from online and altered. here is a picture of it on my card. my business card lack alot as well. i need work all around. Im itching to get this task completed so i can hurry up and get new business cards, post cards and door hangers. [​IMG]
  2. cgaengineer

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    Hmm...I thought we offered advice in another thread about your logo?
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  3. LawnEnforcement25

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    yeah, you did. and i contacted him and he told me they only do clip art type logos. no free hand or drawn designs.
  4. LawnEnforcement25

    LawnEnforcement25 LawnSite Member
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    basically i need someone to take this design, blow it up to a good size and high resolution, add some vibrant colors, clean up the edges, and send it back to me so i can put it on the side of my truck, business cards, post cards, whatever. the main problem i face now is that its on my computer in one size and the larger i go, the more pixelated it gets. ive tried blowing it up myself and cleaning it up a bit but im just not that knowledgeable about graphic design and such. i simply built this one in MS Paint just laying one design over another and filling in the voids with the paint brush. i thought maybe losing the night stick and turning his hand to grab the mower instead. giving him a badge and maybe some blue and red lights on the front of the mower. i dont know. just ideas but plan it graphics kinda seemed like they were pretty cut and dry with what they were capable of doing and im looking for a totally unique logo. not your average clip art used on multiple business logos for different people.
  5. bc3xx0

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    It's not legal, especially if you are using it to advertise a business!! However, unless you put a door hanger or give a business card to the dude that originally drew the cop or the mower, how are they gonna know you didn't pay for the rights???

    The same could be said about the fonts. If you download a font off of the net, most come with a RM file saying, "for personal use only" but who's gonna know??
  6. bc3xx0

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    Here's an idea for your business card!!


    Yes, I was bored!
  7. 93Chevy

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    How about hiring a graphic designer to design a logo for you so it actually looks good and not like you designed it yourself.
  8. Adeas Printing

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    Our graphic designer could come up with something for you I'm sure. It would be approximately $52 - $104 for the logo design. If you mention you read about our company on a lawnsite forum, you will receive 1 free design towards a door hanger order... see the specials I listed below.

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  9. LawnEnforcement25

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    I would love to have that one but im afraid i would only attract the business of those guys on the "To catch a Predator" shows. not that their money isnt green or anything!!! HAHA.
  10. LawnEnforcement25

    LawnEnforcement25 LawnSite Member
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    thanks for the help. i might give yall a call.
    I know i needed to hire a designer but most that i was seeing was $200-300 just for the logo design. I just cant spend that much on a little cartoon picture right now. I may be able to swing $50-100. we will see. someone told me to speak with a tattoo artist and see what they might do. thanks guys yall have given me some things to think about.

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