I need a mower!


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Check craigslist. I have a 22" Honda I bought from HD prolly 6yrs ago. Still starts on 1st pull.
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Friend of mine just got a great dane 34" stand on with 168 hours for $900 on craigslist, he was asking $1500.. Got 7 extra belts and 4 sets of blades with it too. He brought it by on the way home for me to make sure wasn't anything wrong with it, it was perfect....lol


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I would say no. Save your money. I just looked on Craigslist and after 2 months I got a 48 inch bobcat ransomes mower for 500 with a r. It's on you tube just look up jblandscaping11 ransomes
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What do you guys think about this? I don't think it's commercial grade but Iit may be better than a store bought mower. Ideas? http://kansascity.craigslist.org/grd/2791511513.html
I actually had one of those years ago. Ran the tar out of it. Was a great mower for what it was. It sat in my shed for a couple more years and I sold it for a few hundred bucks. Mine looked a lot rougher when I sold it. That one is ultra clean for its age.