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I need a new set of signs


LawnSite Bronze Member
Providence, RI
Anyone know of a good website where I can buy the Metal Signs that attached to the side of the trailers or back of trailers. Any help would be greatly appreciated:D

Metro Lawn

LawnSite Silver Member
What size ect. do you need? Do you have a sample?


LawnSite Member
I have a local sign shop I go to. He does paint and stick on lettering . The logo beside my moniker is stick on and painted sun. this is on all my trucks..


LawnSite Senior Member
Any vinyl sign shop can probably handle metal signs. I had a set made on 10 gage aluminum for around $100 for my trailer. Of course the more complex the logo, the more you're going to pay.


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I made my own. Had Jeff at Loud Graphics www.loudgrahics.ws do the vinyl and then went to metal place and picked up stainless steel. Total cost for a 4x3 foot sign was 45 bucks (16 for stainless steel and 29 for vinyl). I had several quotes for 150.00 and 200.00 but found it so easy to do. You could probably do 5 signs for what it would cost for 1. This is very easy to do also and it only takes roughly 10-15 min max.
I think as far as signs go its better to get a local maker to do it. You can talk with him face to face and in detail explain exactly how you want them done. I get all mine done from a local maker, because i can draw out the design i want and he will copy it exact.