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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Norm Riffner, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. Norm Riffner

    Norm Riffner LawnSite Member
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    SingleSource Property Solutions is a national provider of property preservation services for foreclosed properties. Bi-monthy lawn service is one of the products we offer.

    I need an estimate for a property in Jackson Mississippi. The property is a level city lot around 6000-7000 square feet. We would need bi monthly lawn services.

    Thank you

    Norm Riffner
    VP Operations
  2. Splicer

    Splicer LawnSite Senior Member
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    Can't help you in ole Miss but do you have anything in the SW Ohio area needing to be done???:usflag:
  3. mow2nd

    mow2nd LawnSite Senior Member
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    What is Bi-Monthly service? Every other Month you cut???

    Do you mean Bi-weekly?
  4. Norm Riffner

    Norm Riffner LawnSite Member
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    Not as of now, but I will keep you in mind for sure.
  5. Norm Riffner

    Norm Riffner LawnSite Member
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    Sorry guys. I do mean cutting every two weeks. I also need an esimate for property detailed below:

    Washington County
    South Fayette Township

    1 acre cut each week.
  6. SLC  LLC

    SLC LLC LawnSite Senior Member
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    Have any of these in the St. Louis area?
  7. J&R Landscaping

    J&R Landscaping LawnSite Fanatic
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    I'm in bucks county pa. I do acre lots for around 60-110 depending on the terrain and obstacles and such. I don't know if the pricin is the same or not.
    Need any work done in Lower bucks county (yardley langhorne levittown morrisville bensalem)?
  8. ptlawnguy

    ptlawnguy LawnSite Member
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    I am working in a tri county or quad county area of butler, allegheny, westmorland, and armstrong. I would greatly appreciate some more work. I started last year and have all necessary equipment.
  9. tlwmsu

    tlwmsu LawnSite Member
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    Is this within city limits, or the general "metro area" of Jackson? If in the city, what is the general area (or specific address if you can give it online?) Certain areas of Jackson would almost require Hostile Fire/Imminent Danger Pay like the military pays...and I'm not kidding.:gunsfirin
  10. All_Clear

    All_Clear LawnSite Senior Member
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    If you have anything needing done in West Central Indiana (Lafayette, Crawfordsville, Lebanon, Greencastle) shoot me an email at All_Clear@msn.com

    All Clear
    Property Maintenance

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