I need a soil test done!!

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Green Lawn, Feb 27, 2011.

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    Wanting to get a soil sample done. Any suggestions on what lab to use? Thanks
  2. That would depend on your budget (or client's budget).

    I find great value in a chemical tesy from A&L Labs. The most useful part of that test is the Organic Matter percentage IMHO.

    If budget permits, Soil Foodweb. This is a biological assay of total and active soil microbes, (bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes. This type of testing will give you a good depiction of what is out of balance in the soil from a biological assay and tell you what the nutrient cycling capacity of the soil is all about.

    If both above tests are done together, you'll have a wealth of information in which to build an excellent program.

    If you wish to seek some training/instruction (and also self training), you can do your own qualitative assays with direct microscopy. There are inexpensive microscopes that are available for this purpose.

    A soil penetrometer is a worthy investment. It's a starting point in which to learn more about soil structure and at the very least is an excellent sales tool (show your clients how compact there soil really is). Flash around some diagnostic tools while your doing your estimates and set yourself apart from 95% of the other guys out there.
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    Is that R2-D2's brother???

    My next question would be, have you done a little investigation into soil tests? Taking samples to get a result that would make any sense would be important

    Just jumping around on a site is not very informative, take samples from discrete areas that you are concerned about
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