I need a sub in CT

Discussion in 'Network: North' started by Raven386, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. Markf

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    I PM'ed you. Please call me. Numbers are in the PM.
  2. quipit

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    Did you find someone to do your tick control for you?
  3. Aardvark Wildlife Control

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    Hi , I am new here but not looking to take any work away from LCO's only to help and help your customer's lawns looking great.

    Do you have problems with moles tunnels or groundhog burrows or skunks or raccoons grubbing lawns ?

    Tired of ruining your machines hitting this type of damage ?

    I can help.

    I handle 25+ different animals causing problems at people's homes. Fully licensed + insured. Currently one of the highest trained people in all of the U.S.A. ( I am very good at what I do. )

    Raccoons ,Skunks,Squirrels,Groundhogs,Snakes,Coyotes,Canada geese,Chipmunks,Voles,Mice,Moles,Woodpeckers,Bats,Birds and more.

    Will refer any LCO that will refer my services , Handling the greater Danbury CT area....Danbury,Brookfield,Bethel,Ridgefield,New Fairfield,Sherman,New Milford,Redding,Bridgewater,Kent

    Animals only , no bugs , no lawn services , Not licensed in New York
  4. Organicare of Fairfield

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    raven wher are you located in ct. we provide organic and organic based programs in the fairfield county area if you are still looking for a su please feel free to give me call or pm thanks ORANICARE OF FAIRFIELD COUNTY
  5. rootstoshoots

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    I do alot of flea and tick spraying for my clients, my clients usually want organics, I found a great product if you need someone let me know.
    203-417-5156 Roots to Shoots Starlet

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