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    Last night when I got finished cutting at 8:00 p.m., I got a call from one of my good customers saying that the scrub who cuts their church didn't show up and it looked very bad for easter sunday, I went over there and cut it in the dark with two guys helping me it took 1-1/2, question is if I charge my rate it would come out to 157.50, or since it is a church should I be nice and charge only $100.00. they asked what they owed last night when I finish but I told them I'd work something up and send a bill next week. Give me your honest opionions. Also it wasn't that it was huge, just alot of weedeating areas due to being to soogy to Scag it, and we had to use the edger and break a new edge on everything some areas were grown over 2-4 inches, this other guy half does it. They were amazed at how good it looked last night, I think the edging is what set it off, I will drive by today and check it out to see what it looks like in the daylight.
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    I think I would charge them just enough this time to pay the two guys that helped you. I would also tell them what your normal rate would be if you were doing it on a regular basis. Probably be about the best advertising you could get.
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    This could be a great advertisement for you. If this is a big church, there will be a lot of potential customers seeing your work.
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    Tell them it would be $157.50 due to the fact it was in bad shape, Charge them $100.00 (if you're comfortable) and give them an estimate to keep the property maintained that way on a regular basis.
    If they were impressed you could have you another account.
    If they don't pick you up, you may have helped the "scrub" out a lot, maybe even taught him something.
    Or as luck would have it, others may think he did the work.......

  5. Chopper Lover

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    I say stick with the $100 or what it cost you to do it. It is good "PR" and you can always write off the difference as a tax deduction if you need to.

    Besides, it is Easter!

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    I agree with Captdevo. If you just charge enough to cover your guys and depend on the rest to be advertising that would be a mistake. First mistake will be the fact you charged very little. This could happen again and the church would call you up expecting the same charge. When you try to charge more they will get mad and most likely not call you back. For the advertising part..I believe your showing up the night before Easter and doing the property is advertising enough. Where else are they going to find someone willing to mow at 8 pm at night? I am sure the word will spread giving you brownie points and the scrub will get black marks.
    If it were myself in your position I would basically send them a proposal included in the bill. Charge the 100 bucks if comfortable with that. Explain the 157. Then you plug your 157 into whatever equation you use for your 12 month accounts and give them a 12 month price (which is the deffered payment plan basically) Let's say they are paying less and they seem to think that it is somewhat on the high side..you simply explain that not only are they paying for good service they are paying for reliability. Make it known you will not let them down like the scrub did.
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    Hmmmmmm..I'm really surprized. I figured there would be alot of "stick it to the church" replies....Since I'm new here, I'm always amazed at the level of integrity from most of the members here......THAT'S MY DEFINITION OF PROFESSIONALIZUM (even though I can't spell it..lol)
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    This is odd because I had a similiar job thursday. A church called and wanted their yard done before easter. They called wednesday and I worked my schedule around just for them so i could do it thursday. It was a large piece of property with alot of trees and pines and If I tried to perfect the whole thing it would have cost them alot. So I told the priest that I would do up to 150$ worth of work and he said his main concern was around the buildings and near the front. So at 100$ worth of work it looked pretty good and met his main objectives and he was shocked when I told him it would only be 100$ and said they may let me do it regurly. Im sure he thought I would charge 150$ anyway it turned out. They were very appreciative that i jumped right on the job and paid me right after completion.
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    First of all, you went out there at night and edged and covered their butt. You did a professional job.

    A church is a business, just like you.

    Do not sell yourself short. You are in business. It is fine to cut people breaks or give extras, but make sure that the customer knows that. Bill them $157, accounting for your costs, profit margin, etc. In addition, state on the bill a discount or gift for Easter Sunday and charge 100.

    They may suprise you with the $157, and maybe even a yearly contract.

    But, if you just state $100, they'll expect that price each time since they dont' do landscaping and all the churchgoers will expect an even cheaper price depending on their own home acreage.

    You went out on a limb, made the effort and got the job done. Don't sell yourself short or it will comeback and bite you. The church will find the money for you.

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    I'd say charge them 100$. Being a christian i know that god has already made up WAY MORE than the extra 50$ in my life. I am sure that he is good for it over an eternity. lol.

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