I need help/advice re: over fertilizing

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by naenaeslawn, Jul 18, 2007.

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    Firstly, I'm glad that i found this site, even after the damage has been done. at least i will learn from other's mistakes. Assuming that this site is dominated my male, I am a female, homeowner, live in the Bahamas and after three years just fertilizing my lawn, apparently both my husband and i fertilized the lawn (St. Augustine) about 2 days apart, he didn't mention anything about fertilizing the grass, and because we talked about doin it, i went ahead and bought St. Augustine's Weed and Feed and redid what he had already done. He used the same thing. The following day after i notice brown patches throughout the grass and just started to water and water, hoping it would revive itself, but i'm beginning to get afraid that it might not happen. This is really bothering me. What should i do? Does the brown patches mean that the grass has died and there is no hope? I am so sorry this has happened. Where i'm from the temp is in the 90's constantly with little to no rain. Can i overcome this.

    BTW, How was your trip to the Bahamas Nathan?
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    There are several variables involved in your situation, being the active ingredient of the weed product, mowing height, whether your soil is sandy or clay, etc. Anyway, the damage is already done and the best you can do is to keep watering as needed for your area and be sure the cutting height is 3 to 4 inches or higher. I am assuming that atrazine was the active ingredient which will take time and plenty of water to move it out of the rootzone.
    Being from Missouri, I have not had experience with St. Augustine grass, but have experience with agricultural products, fertilizers, and grass management recomendations.
    C. E. Tuley
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    I would call a local Golf Course, ask for the maintenance dept. and explain your situation to the Superintendent. The best solution for your problem will depend on :
    1) the fertilizer prill type
    2) soil composition
    3) active ingredients & percent applied/1000
    I would not "drench the lawn", this can rapidly release the AI in some products & increase the damage. Intense UV light on a hydrated prill can release the N as Ammonia Gas.

    You really need a knowledgeable "on site" evaluation, too bad it's not Winter I might be willing to fly out the the Bahamas myself.:p

  4. naenaeslawn

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    Thanks for your responses. I usually use Miracle Gro, every two weeks on my lawn. Should i continue with the treatments or wait a while before i treat again
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    did you just put the weed and feed down? if so its the wrong time of year to do that to hot for atrazine.that could be what the problem is ...i am sure will get other opinions here also....
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    Even if you drive on the wrong side of the road and almost kill me crossing your streets, I won't hold it against you. You have a beautiful country.

    To continue to put Miracle Gro on your Lawn would be the wrong thing with all the Fertilizer that has already been put on it. If I am Correct you have very sandy soil and should be in your rainy season and getting plenty of water. The East coast of Florida is getting a lot of rain right now but the rest of Florida is in a Drought. Because of your sandy soil I would recommend a lot of water to leach the fertilizer and weed killer out. As fast as you saw brown spots, tells me it is the fertilizer salt that is causing it and not the weed killer. Atrazine (the weed kill) takes a longer time to take effect. Therefore Heavy watering should leach the fertilizer into the water table and away from your Grass. It should be too hot for any Fungus to effect your St Augustine this time of year, However by over applying fertilizer you can cause Fungus problem in the fall when the temperature starts to drop.

    BTW I am on the same latitude as the Bahamas only on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Because of the Gulf Stream you are cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
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    I totally agree with Ric. My personal experiece regarding St. Augustine comes from San Antonio (the most common turf there). BWC herbicides can be harmful to St Augustine during hot temps. Fert seldom causes probs -- especially in high drainage soils. Water thoroughly for sure. Older cultivars of St Augustine can get "S.A.D."

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