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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ocutter, Jan 30, 2001.

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    Ok heres the situation. Say you have 800.00 to buy a sprayer. Due to minute space in my garage and weight restictions (because I'll be loading and unloading myself) I have these two choices.

    The Spreader Mate- Put out by Clark/Gregson. This is a unit that has a 9 gal. cap. that fits into a residential spreader
    Cost- 695.00
    Boom- to 80" and retractable to 24" to fit thru gates.
    Pressure- 10-60 variable psi with hand trigger shut off
    Run by rechargable battery that lasts 4 hrs and is said to do 35,000 sf a tankload. Extra battery 60.00. Delivery 20.00
    Total approx $830.00

    Liquid Chemical Sprayer- Sold By AM Leonard. Looks like a smaller version of Chemlawn walk behind. One piece unit. Cost is the same. Boom width is 72" that is retractable with a 10 gal cap. that uses a pumping system controlled by the wheels. Also has handle grip shutoff. Cost is approx $750.00 due to no battery and free shipping.

    Now I know there are tow behinds that can be used also, but I need something universal to go through gates. I dont know...the battery sounds good for even coverage but rechargable batteries need replacing. The pump might do it for the price, but who knows if the pumps will hold up. I need some guidance here. Thanks
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    Buy a Perma Green kit that mounts to your spreader. 24K coverage per fillup. $350
  3. Ocutter

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    jaclawn- Is there a website or # I can call for more details.
  4. Here is a 15 gal sprayer that fits thru 36" gates:

  5. dylan

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    Looking good Lawrence Stone. Very creative.
    Are you running the pump off the battery?
    What is the green thing on the gas tank?
  6. HOMER

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    Cup holder for his Geritol.
  7. 65hoss

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    It just seems like it would be fun to hang with L. Stone, he has some of the most unique and cool toys. :)
  8. Mark

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    Homer thats not for Geritol. Thats for Homebrew. Your right Hoss Stone does have some cool units. Marks Mowing Service
  9. Yes the pump is run directly off the battery with a switch on the dash next to the motor speed control for the spreader which is not attached at that time.

    The green thing is known as a lesco can caddy. I use that to hold a can sprayer of non-selective and selective lawn herbicide as needed. Most of the time a can of round up is in that holder.

    That tank sprayer should be set up to select either the boom or a hand wand but I broke that part and am using a part from my tree sprayer.

    With the toro t bar I can steer with one hand as I use the wand to spot spray on the move.

    The "normal" set up for that machine is a Jrco 12vt spreader
    with a 15 gal tank of selective lawn with a hand wand and a 2 gal can sprayer of non selective in the can caddy. I can actually pump up the can sprayer w/o getting off the sulky.

    This machine will also mow 44" of turf and makes a good "trimming" mower at industial sites. The fairly new 12.5 ohv tecumseh uses about a half gal of fuel a hour.
    Its good for mowing uneven ground were a 62" will fear to tread.

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