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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by WSLService, Mar 12, 2002.

  1. WSLService

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    I have a few yards that i picked up in my neighborhood that I have been doing for a couple years now. I have wanted to make more money now that i can drive places and I have given out like two hundred flyers and am getting frustrated because I have had no replies on my lawn service. WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET SOME JOBS! I have read some post but i don't have money to spend on some of the ideas. Any thing useful you could tell me thanks!
  2. LawnLad

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    Well, you could wait by the phone or... print up some more fliers and get busy. You'll have to beat the pavement to get work. Fliers are your least expensive way to advertise if you're not better served by doing something else with your time.

    As you probably know from reading older posts, fliers have approximately a 1% response rate. On 200 fliers, I would be looking for two phone calls. At a 50% close rate assuming both are qualified leads, you've got one more job!

    Sales is purely a numbers game. The more business you want, the bushes you'll have to beat.

    Good luck developing your new customer base!
  3. mdb landscaping

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    You should put out more flyers. like stated above, ive put out about 200 flyers at a time, and only get 1 or two calls. maybe try an ad in the local paper too?
  4. 65hoss

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    Due to the age issue, your going to have a little trouble closing the sales anyway. But, 200 flyers is nothing. You need to be putting out 1000's. Two years ago I was putting out about 500-1000 per day for several weeks.

    Its all about how bad do you want it. There are too many people out there that say they want to succeed but the effort they put forth is a joke. You must be self motivated and have a huge desire to make it. Nothing should stand in your way. You have to devote time, energy, sweat, tears and sleepless nights to make a dream come true. If you don't what is it really worth?
  5. WSLService

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    the areas around where i live that have signs that says no soliciting should i just ignore them and put flyers in that community or look for other communities farthur away.
  6. Tim Canavan

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    In your case I would focus on the area you are allready in. Money being a factor, you should try going door to door. If you're not comfortable with knocking on doors, try catching people while they are outside on the weekends. You could even ask the clients you have if they have any friends or relatives in need of service.
    I know you are young, but you need to look and act like a professional. Get a buisness card at the very least, and by all means, make sure your existing clients yards look great!:cool:
  7. FrankenScagMachines

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    I've got the same problem. I've picked out a nice community to start in but i'm afraid I just won't meet the numbers I was hopin' for. I was going to go door to door and talk to the people and give them a flier. These properties are about an acre or so apeice. Wanting about 15 to 20 a week.
  8. TFL

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    Newspaper ads and fliers have been very helpful in my business. Age has never been a problem for me just act profesional.
  9. GLS

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    I have been doing lawns with my brother for a few years. Last year we put out about 100 flyers (I know that's not enough). We had two calls and one closed. I think people don't realize that we are only in high school, so this year I am thinking of saying "two high school students..." on flyers and in the newspaper. The one client that I mentioned above liked the fact that we were young.

    As of now we mow about eight lawns, seven of which were by word of mouth.

    SCAPEASAURUSREX LawnSite Senior Member
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    Be carfull... passing out flyers door to door and knocking on doors... Most towns have some laws about that ... Knocking on doors and talking to people to sell them your service is considered solicitaion and requires a license in most towns.. also.. flyers on doors... Check with local police departments to find out if you need a permitt or to give them a head s up that your going to be doing it... I found most towns by me only wanted me to let them know that I would be doing it so they know whos around town at residents houses.... Some towns , one in particular considers flyers on doors liter and will fine you for litering.. NICE ....... I'll stay outta that town.... Alittle toooo high class for me.. LOL....

    I have had mixed results with flyers... SOmetimes I'll put a bunch out and get no calls , net time I do it I'll get 20 calls.... It's a gamble,,, Just have to keep trying and keep your name in their faces... They may not be interested now, but down the road they will remeber.. Brand name recognition is what its all about... Good luck....

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