I need help in pricing a retaining wall

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by cs12bigfoot, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. cs12bigfoot

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    I am a licensed landscape contractor and have been in business for 3 years. I know a little about building walls but nothing about pricing. The guy is wanting a 105' long wall out of pavestone blocks. The wall will be 3' tall. Any suggestions on pricing would be great. Also what is the best way to set the bottom row-- gravel, sand, crushed slate, I don't know. Also is there a better alternative to pavestone.
  2. EagleLandscape

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    Excavate. Dump in 4-6" of crushed concrete and compact. Sink the first course completely underground.

    Avoid Pavestone, its ugly. Use something like Belgard. Incredible easy, and looks the best

  3. neversatisfiedj

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    That is a whole lot of base block to install. Think hard about how many man hours it will take.
  4. cs12bigfoot

    cs12bigfoot LawnSite Member
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    That's my problem I don't know how many hours it will take.
  5. Mike33

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    This is a pretty big project for your first wall. I would pass on it if i was you. I use allen block for what it is worth, and it would take 72 block per course and 5 courses high and one time of geo-gridding, with about 50 ton of aggregate. I think you will need some help leveling up 72 block, isnt easy for the first time since you really dont know what you are doing. If your starting out new i wouldnt take on anything longer than 25'/ 2-3' high for first time
  6. cs12bigfoot

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    thanks for the input guys. But I went ahead and tackled the job. It was a piece of cake. Yeah it was hard work but once that first layer was down it went fast. thanks for the advice
  7. markam70

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    did you get any pics?
  8. cs12bigfoot

    cs12bigfoot LawnSite Member
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    here are a few of them


  9. GreenMonster

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    Your pics only show a short section, but that doesn't appear to be a "retaining wall". Looks as though there is no backfill behind it. What was the purpose of the wall? Strictly decorative?

    As far as the workmanship, the first thing that is very noticeable to me is the caps. You need to invest in a saw and a diamond blade so that you can cut the caps such that they flow with the curve of the wall. BTW, your curves don't seem to flow smoothly to well either.
  10. cs12bigfoot

    cs12bigfoot LawnSite Member
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    the wall was purely decorative. As far as the curves they look better in person as far as how they flow. The capstone could have used some work trying to make them fit. But the customer is completely satisfied.

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