I need HELP in the worst way!!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNS AND MOWER, Apr 1, 2003.


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    Hey guys, I'm new to this business and need some help. I tried using the SEARCH feature and had no luck. Just a few questions.

    1. What are double blades? Do you form them in a X or + ?

    2. How much should I charge per yard?

    3. How many yards do you think I can mow?

    4. What's the best mower? Sears Craftsman or a Murray??

    5. Are contracts good to have?

    6. How do I get commercial accounts?

    7. Is being a scrub a good thing??

    8. Does this Jim Lewis guy think he has all the answers??

    9. What's the best weedeater??

    10. Should I use a blower or just use a broom?

    11. How dew ewe youse the spel chek?

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  3. paponte

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    LMAO!! :D
  4. BobR

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    GOOD ONE.....


    PS-- your boot is untied !!
  5. lawnkid

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    OMG, you actually had me there and I wrote this long post about how this is unbeleiveable. Haha, good one. :D :D
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    Good One!!!!:D
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    nice to have a good laugh- now that's it snowing here in new england:(
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    i was going to say "how the heck can you use the search feature and not find anything on double blades"

    you got me:D
  9. Esby

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    Isn't anyone gonna help this fella out????:dizzy: :D
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    Hey L&M let me see if I can help you out....

    1. I form my blades in a Y, tends to mulch much better.

    2. It really depends on how big the yard is, and well if its really big...charge alot

    3. If you have a Scag, 5 a day, if you have a Gravely 10 a day, if you have an Exmark 15 a day, if you have a 21" rwd 20 a day..

    4. I personally like the Walmart Lawn Machine, with the 4 hp Briggs.

    5. Contracts are just a piece of paper that anyone with alot of money can get out of.

    6. Pull up to the door at the same time the other LCO is there and tell the customer you will do it for 10% cheaper.

    7. You will get alot more accounts!!!!! Probably piss alot of people off though....

    8. Yes

    9. Walmart has a sale on them as a matter of fact....49.99 great deal..

    10. The advantage to the broom method is that the clipping go right in the back of the truck instead of back on the grass..

    11.Dunno i dunt ned it caus i tuk spelin in coledge.

    Hope this helped ya a little.:drinkup:


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