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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Markee, Jan 5, 2004.

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    I am brand new to the business and can use a little help. Most of my jobs are cutting lawns and maintaining lawns. What I need to know is I got a call from a customer who was not happy with his current LCO. He wants me to stop by and give him a quote on trimming his hedges some pruning cutting the lawn etc...This is for this one time that he needs it all done. Then I'll be quoting him a montly service fee for cutting and maintaining. But for the first time there is more to be done he said, his other LCO didn't maintain. So any help would be great asap. I have an appt with him tomorrow.

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    Personally, I would ride by the location and just see what the work looks like and if it's too much then give him a price that's high but something you'd do it for. If he bites then you make good money. If not or the work looks easy then give him a more realistic price. Remember, you are in business for yourself and you should do jobs you want to do not just to have them.
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    First of all, do you have all the equipment to do this job that he is asking about? If not, I would pass it by. I say this because if you don't do a good job off the start, the chances of you maintaining this customer go way down. If you have all the necessary tools to get the job done WELL, then I would say go through and estimate about how long it is going to take you. If you don't have much experience with pricing, about $60 is a rough estimate for a per hour charge. So if you think you can do the job complete (drive, work, disposal, etc.) in 4 hours, around $240 is a good price. You may want to adjust accordingly depending on your efficiency, and need for work.
    Most importantly is to know what you can handle, and do a good job. Your work is what people will remember down the road, and word of mouth spreads fast.
    Good luck with it, hope this wasn't too late for you.
    Rob payup
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    Thank You Rob I do have the tools, and I went today and priced it at $225. I priced it at $50 an hour and figuring it would take me 4 1/2 hours. That seems to be the going rate here in the treasure coast. He accepted and I'll be doing the job next week. I don't have many accounts just yet seeing that i started only a few months ago. So the work is needed. I'm sure it will pick up more in the spring.

    Markee lawn
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    Markee, just a reminder to make sure that you include your time to clean up and haul away the debris from hedge trimming. Plus any dump fees that might apply.

    I'm thinking that if the job is going to take you 4.5hrs, then there is going to be quite a bit of hedge clippings to deal with when your done. Not sure if you have a place to leave it on site or not, but I always haul everything away and then have to pay to dump it at a recycle center.

    This can add a good 30 minutes to an hour to a job by the time I drive there, go in and pay, and then unload the debris.

    Good luck.
  6. Markee

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    Thanks for the heads up. I will be piling it on site, the city picks it up. So I save some of my time and money there.

    Markee lawn

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