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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Willofalltrades, Jan 2, 2006.

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    I read this quote in the book How to earn at least sixty dollers per hour mowing grass... and still be the low bidder! i was wondering if you could help me understand it.
    "On the first page of this chapter, we mentioned how much money can be earned by establishing a price of $1.00/M (M=1000 ft) or $44/acre for your mowing services. But, what about trimming and blowing? You really can't establish a price for those services. Trimming and blowing are simply a nuisance that every contractor must deal with and offer to his clients. Unfortunately, there is not much profit in them, because they are what we call "labor intensive." No matter how fast and hard we work, the potential for high profit from trimming and blowing just does not exist.
    For that reason, a contractor must simply take his hourly labor and multiply that labor rate times a "factor" (a percentage markup of your labor rate) of 3, 4, or 5, with a factor of 4 being the most common. For example, suppose you are paying $4.00 per hour for your labor. You would bill out (or figure into your bid) the following prices:
    $4.00 per hour x a factor of 3 =$12.00/hour
    $4.00 per hour x a factor of 4 = $16.00/hour
    $4.00 per hour x a factor of 5 = $20.00/hour
    Most experienced contractors seek a factor of "4" or higher, to cover themselves for lost time in travel between jobs, weather delayes, and mechanical breakdowns."
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    Ok. What is this about? I don't think this belongs here.

    Anyway, Will, I'm curious as to what this is explaining as well. I'm not clearly understanding the 'factor', and how/why to apply it. Someone here will though...
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    Hehe!! KRIS2005 under his name it says BANNED. That post was just STUPID.

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