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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by LawnBoy89, Jun 2, 2005.

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    Ok guys I have had a trailer for about 6 months now and never got around to wiring it for lights. It has the hookup and it has brake lights that work fine, but I need to have 2 orange lights on the side and 3 lights in the middle rear in order to have it registered. I have no idea where to even begin. There are 3 different color wires, green, yellow, white, and brownish blackish. I don't know what color to connect the side lights and rear lights on to. Each light that I bought only has one wire coming out, is that all I need? Any help is appreciated thanks alot, I;m getting alot of calls and the back of the pickup is hard to load up.
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    Yes they will only have one wire. That is the + wire. When you bolt the light onto the trailer it should/will be grounded to the trailer it's self. I can't remember the order but for the 3 wires one is left, the other is right and the 3rd is your brake light. You can find out which is which pretty easy. Look at the rear light and see what color the wires are. You will have two going to the rear lights. (one for the brake light) Once you find out which is the brake light wire you will know the other is for the parking light which is what you want to hook up the side light to. The same goes for the other side.
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    Too hook up the 2 amber(side lights) and the 3 (red) lights you need to use the brown/black wire. This wire carries your marker lights, the gren and yellow are the turn signal wires and the white wire is for a ground. Just make sure the white wire is attached to the frame of the trailer somewhere and when you mount the lights the screws will ground the light and then splice the light wire into the brownish/black wire as you described it and you should be good to go, just be sure to tape up your splices so it doesnt short out
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    Wow, you can't believe how much you guys helped me. I'm going to start right now, get the temporary plates tommorow, and then hopefully bring it to the DMV on sat. Thanks again!
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    IF you buy a trailer light kit (35.00 I did this 2 weeks ago) The wiring instructions are on the back. It took me longer to mount the lights than it did to wire it up. Make sure that you get a light tester they are very cheap follow the wire and test each one till you find the left turn signal, right turn signal marker lights then brake lights. The total wiring took me a whole 10 minuntes to do. If you are mechanically inclined its reall easy. You don't even have to cut any wires. They are connectors that come in the kit that pinch the insulation to make a good connection. make sure that you have a good ground or else the lights arn't going to work right either. The only trouble that I ran into was that one of the lights was wired internallly incorrectly good thing that I had a spare one to prove it. Good luck with the project and shouldn't be a hard let us know how you make out
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    White Ground
    BLACK = TM
    yellow = left turn
    red =stop
    green =right turn
    brown = taillights and if you have it the three bar marker light on a 6 wire plug put this wire in with the Black wire which is in marker circuit 2
    blue=aux stuff llike brakes

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