i need help with 2003 hustler super z 60 inch 25hp kawasaki

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    ok, my mower is going to need a pto clutch soon my problem is i dont know which one i need. 3 dealers told me 2 different parts and i called hustler and they said same thing.. so which clutch do i need for my mower?????
    my mower numbers:
    model number: 926980
    serial number: 03052353
    its a 60 inch with 25hp kawasaki on it.
    2 part numbers im getting are
    both warner clutches and there numbers are
    please tell me which one i need for sure. i have been looking and the big difference between the 2 is one says clockwise and other one is counter clockwise and pulley is like 6 1/4 and other is 5 3/8 something like that...
    please respond with right clutch for my machine been looking for right answer for 3 days now and need a clutch. clutch on my machine now is round warner and sticker came off so i dont know the number.
    also i dont know if this clutch was ever replaced on it cause im the second owner... please help me.
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    If you have a warner clutch on your unit now then you should order the 787366 clutch.
    If you have a Ogura clutch you should order the 781039K.
    It sounds like you have the Warner clutch so you should order the 787366 clutch.
    It will be a kit that has the new style Warner clutch and updated anchor with instructions.


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