I need help with edging!!!

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by tmc8524, Mar 16, 2009.

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    I have a customer who has lava rock already in place but no border so you can imagine how fun that is when im trimming. I need to put some sort of edging in to keep the rock in the beds. The yard is on a slope and is very uneven and stone or block are out of the question. What type of border would you reccomend? I was thinkin about the metal edging but have never used it. I need something that is low profile but works good and looks good, not anything like that plastic crap!
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    A nice straight roundup herbicide border!!
  3. tyler_mott85

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    we use the Metal edging a lot for that same issue. Most of our applications are along a sidewalk to keep mulch in the beds and not on the walk!

    You can get Edging that will do what you need at Lowes or Home Depot. Check your pricing however. Both of those stores are the same cost but one is an 8ft length and one is 10 ft length. I do not remember which is which.

    We take a flat shovel and just make an edge for where we want it to go then take a rubber mallet or a Dead-blow hammer and pound it into the ground to the desired height. When we go along sidewalks we don't need to use the metal stakes except for the joints but if you're just wanting a border between landscape and lawn areas you will prob want them in the middle areas too.

    Just remember one thing. It's Metal. It will rust. Keep that in mind when deciding on what you use.

    We don't use plastic edging but it will last longer. I just don't think it looks professional.

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