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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by baminem, Jul 27, 2008.

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    I'am trying to design an Irrigation system for my home. I'm a bit stumped for the layout the piping.

    I did a quick diagram of the head placements. if anyone could help me out by drawing on it and and emailing it to me (dan_elstone@hotmail.com) or posting it, that would be great.

    The Driveway and the walkway are not paved so the pipes can run through them. theres a fence in the front and a retaining wall towards the house.

    my maximum flow rate is 18 gpm

    section 1=3.72gpm
    section 2=7.42
    section 3=9.09
    section 4=8.18
    section 5=5.32
    section 6=11.26
    and the garden will fit onto one zone if possible.

    so section 1 and 2 will be one zone.

    3 and 4 could be one zone according to the flow but it looks like the piping will get a bit messy so I'm a bit lost with this. I would also like advice for the valve placement. I'am considering hiding all of them in the garden right beside the Point of Connection.

    anyone have any suggestions?


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    Run all 1" pipe from POC. Manifold near POC and another to serve the other half, across the yard. Try to run your lateral about a foot from each head, or one down each side if the shoe fits.

    Using all same size pipe will save you headache with fittings and such, since youre not doing this all the time, or so it seems.
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    1 inch poly..have @ it brotha!

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