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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by quadracer_13, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. quadracer_13

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    Ok like I have said in my past posts im trying to start a business. I already have my name and everything picked out and I know that I want to be LLC. I spoke with an attorney today to see if he could help me out but I dont understand a thing he says and he is wantin to charge me like $800 to get everything going. Basically what Im askin is what all do I need to do and what order do I need to do them in? I have asked this before and kinda got a ballpark thing but im really lookin to know exactly what to do and where to go to do it and possibly a price range so I will be expecting it. Any info is greatly appreciated
  2. ALC-GregH

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    What I did was, 1) call your state agriculture society to find out what exactly you can do without a license, like mowing and grounds maintenance. 2) call your local government office to find out what is needed to open a business as a sole proprietor. This is where you'll get your name registered and get you entity # 3)call a local accountant to see what taxes you'll need to pay. 4) call a local insurance company for a quote on commercial liability. 5) open business account at your bank. 6) find customers.
  3. Whitey4

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    Tell that leech of a lawyer to talk a walk. Do the legwork yourself.

    Why an LLC? Do you have a lot of assets to protect? do you plan on having employees right out of the box with no customers yet? Your liabilty will be very limited at first... an insurance policy will protect you until you are ready to make the jump to LLC.

    All of the info you need is readilly available.... search your state and county web sites for info. It's all there. Don't pay some lawyer 800 bucks for work you can do yourself. Forgetting the $, you will also understand your local laws better of you handle this without help now.

    Yes, you will need an accountant, but not a lawyer, not at this point.
  4. ALC-GregH

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    perfect info.

    You need to look at all this yourself and figure it out so you'll understand what you need to do as a business and the owner. Read your local and state websites for info about opening a small business. It will get somewhat deep and it's alot to take in right away but if you read up on everything, you'll be one up and most likely succeed as a business owner/operator.
    best of luck
  5. quadracer_13

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    Alright thanks for the info. I thought 800 sounded a little fishy lol. i think i have already found most of it but the licenses. every website i find on them you gotta pay somebody but ill get it. thanks again
  6. Daily Lawn/Landscape

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    You do not have to set up an llc right out of the shoot unless you have a lot of assets ie:lots of money, property, stock portfolio. Just get a liability policy with $1m in coverage and an umbrella policy for another Mill.That will cover any F*&k ups in the beginning.
    As far as $800 to set up an LLc that is not to far off, but check around for a better price. A lot of guys are saying you can do it yourself. Sure if you know what all is needed in your record book that is fine. But if you forget to dot an I or cross a T anywhere while setting it up, you will be vulnerable to every money hungry attorney if you are ever sued. Spend the money and have everything done correct. I have had several LLC's set up in years past and to date I have never tried to do one myself. Is it worth loosing everything you own if you do something wrong.

  7. ALC-GregH

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    your not at your states website then. I found alot of that crap too. I even called to find out about everything at one place. I asked what it cost to get a business started and file for a DBA. He told me it will cost over $200 to get the DBA. He also told me I need a business license even if I'm only going to mow grass. I hesitated and then told him I can file that through the state for $70 and the state agg society told me I don't need a license to mow. He then told me that I'm talking to the wrong person and said that he couldn't help. LOL All he was going to do is fill in the forms needed to file the name and stuff. Basically the same thing you can do. All they do is the paper work. It's not that hard really.

    I do agree, a LLC should be set up with a lawyer just so there's no loop holes.
  8. quadracer_13

    quadracer_13 LawnSite Member
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    hmm ill keep lookin and see what i come up with... thanks
  9. jtlandscaping

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    I wouldnt go the llc route unless you are really big like the others said. Definetly go with a DBA I went down to the county clerk to file for a dba. It cost me 5.00 and I had to run a 20 dollar ad in the legal section of a paper announcing business name. I would try calling your county clerks office. I wouldnt pay any one to do it for me, its very easy.
  10. greenie weanie

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    I agree with everything they say about the LLC. Dont start off over your head.

    Start as a S.P. and get insurance. If your doing residential, a $500,000 policy should be enough, most comercial properties like you to carry a $1,000,000 policy. it will run you anywhere form $600-800 per year for the policy and I recommend being insured.

    As for the business licence end of it, its as simple as going to your city hall and filling out a couple forms, showing proof or residents, and paying the $50 fee for the year.

    Bottom line, your lawyer is crazy

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