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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by colonel landscaping, Apr 19, 2003.

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    My name is NICK SCHMITZ , i am 17 yrs old and have started my own company, my services include mowing/hedge trimming/yard clean ups/mulching/brush clearing and i hope to include snow plowing for nexty year.. how do i go about getting registerd for this or do i even need to??? and also i would like to get into lawn maintainence such as over seeding and such .. are there any class's or good books i can get?
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    Is your business LLC???
    Do you have insurance?
    For classes and such, I'm guessing your still in high school so see if your high school has any horticulture classes like greenhouse management or landscape design, my high school had these classes. Once you get out of high school look to any tech schools for horticulture classes or any colleges in your area. What are you planing on after high school?? Have a plan in mind on what you plan on doing after high school. Check out books at the book store on gardening, landscape plants you will find alot. Also check out the Elements of Business Forum on lawnsite you will find tons more.
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    Here are the general first steps in starting and registering a business:

    1. go to the county clerks office to register your business (DBA)
    2. Set yourself up a business checking account now that you have your DBA. The bank will not allow you to setup a business checking without the DBA. (this account will allow you to accept checks made out to your business)
    3. Register a Federal ID Number
    4. If you are going to hire on employees register for state withholding and unemployment. They will give you a UA number. You need that number as well
    5. Get liability and property insurance
    6. Get Workers Comp insurance if you are going to hire on employees
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    no i dont have insurance , im not llc . i have alot of equipment and just started doing cleans ups and brush removal and mowing for people, slapped some signs on the side of my truck and threw an add in the paper. where do i register for a fed id number? i am currently looking for insurance but since i am only 17 insurance companies are giving me a hard time and giving me high rates .. say around $1,268.

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