I need ideas for this project... (Picture attached)


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I need some ideas...

Basically, like everyone, they don't want to spend a lot of money on the project.
The homeowner wants everything taken out, does not have a sprinkler system so grass is not an option because that would be to expensive. I was thinking of taking everything out at least weed whacking, clean up, make it bare.

This is where I need some suggestions. I need an alternative (Cheap) to be put in place there. I was thinking of spraying everything to prevent further growth and I don't know what to put in place after that. I was thinking some kind of wild seed flower mix (This would hopefully take over the area)? I need something that is inexpensive, not high maintenance and doesn't need to be watered except a few times to get it going.

I live in WA State on the east coast.

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If anyone was interested in hearing my plan:

- Spray to kill everything, wait a few while it soaks into the roots.

- Weed whack

- Clean up and prep

I do not hydroseed, however I do have a contact and they are going to erosion seed the rest after I am done.

I figured erosion seed is the best due to the owner does not have a sprinkler system and as soon it does take over it will be maintenance free.

Total came out to about $750.00 - $300.00 of that price is my work, the rest is the erosion seed.


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Seems pretty cheap. Be careful spraying anything when someone is hiring you to do so. I know im not supposed to spray weed killer here without being licensed to do so!


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Erosion seed...? You mean ryegrass ? How is any grass maintenance free ? What are you going to do when that ryegrass check's out this summer ? Not trying to be a smartass. I think these are valid question's.


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Soaking the herbicide into the ground through all of that surface debris, THEN removing the debris??? what kind of herbicide are your thinking about???
The cheapest thing to do is to mow the established grass once a month, with a string mower... once you start switching from the grass that loves it there, over to 'prairie flowers' you got a never-ending ugly mess... I would burn that stuff off rather than weed-whack... good luck... :)