I need idea's to grow a lot.

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by CLS LLC, Feb 12, 2011.

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    I am looking to grow my business significantly this year. Last year I did about $55K The year before I did $24K. I'd like to more than double gross sales this year. I focus primarily on mowing and fertilization/weed control. I have $6-10K to spend on marketing. I have already ordered 10K fliers that I will be hand delivering to paper boxes in specific neighborhoods. I've attached the file of the post card. I also have a website www.ColgateLawnService.com which worked wonders last spring.

    If I don't come up with anything else I'll be having more fliers printed and I'll start paying people to deliver them if need be. But I'm interested in more ideas. I've tried newspaper ads with minimal success.

    So lets get the brain storming going! What ideas do you have?

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  2. djagusch

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    If your goal is resident then you are doing what works besides word of mouth. A referral program to help the word of mouth would be a idea. Also search engine stuff helps. Getting gross/ net by offering contracts instead of per time might be good.

    If you are going commerical your going the wrong direction. Phone calls and visits to your target properties is what needs to be done.

    Your gross goal is doable as yrs ago I doubled a couple years in a row. Keeping net inline due to adding equipment trucks will be important. But I also targeted commercials and hoa's. 3 small/mid size hoas would hit your goal compared to how many resi's?
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    My goal is residentials. I had two HOA's this year and although I do like them the issue is I will be going a different direction with my snow removal side and HOA's don't fit that side of the business at this time.

    As far as search engine optimization: last year l revamped my website after thoroughly studying SEO and that was by far the best (and cheapest) marketing I have done to date. As of now I am very happy with my website and it's success with keywords for my local market.
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  4. lyndont

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    Put some vinyl on your truck and put door hangers in the areas your already at so that you can be as efficient as possible. I am considering typing up a letter with envelopes on doors because it seems a little more personal than a flyer. I don't know how well it will work. I think they would actually read it vs just tossing a flyer in the trash. Has anyone tried that before?
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  5. CLS LLC

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    I have the truck and trailer covered.

    CLS Truck and Trailer.jpg

    CLS trailer side.jpg

    CLS trailer rear.jpg
  6. tradeyouraccounts

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    Maybe try and give incentives like every 3rd month of service 50% off or 3rd month free service for the first year. Give $50 to any existing customers that refer other customers once they have been in service for at least 3 months or something like this.
  7. New Leaf Maint

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    Just a word of caution. Last year I was in a similar situation. In 2009 I was at about 56K gross and in 2010 I did 120K gross. I got all the additional work before the season started and was not ready for that kind of growth and for about six weeks I was completely overwhelmed and not able to give my customers good service. Luckily they all staid with me and I was able to adjust to do the work.

    Now as for as getting the work in my case it was a few new residential and commercial customers but mostly three HOA's. You said that you are not going that direction so you need to get your company name out there to get a lot of residential clients. Fliers, direct mail, door hangers etc. The more people and more often they see your companies name, logo, adds the better. They say that your average return on fliers, direct mail, door hangers is 1-2%. So to get 55K of new clients you need: I don't know your market but lets say each new client brings in $1000 average. You need 55 new clients. At 1-2% return you need to get out at least 5,500-11,000 fliers, direct mail, door hangers, etc.

    To improve your marketing here are a few things that Ive learned both in starting my own company and doing sales for another company before that.

    1. Have a well designed fliers, direct mail, door hangers with a good promotion or reason for them to call you.
    2. Contacting the same people 2-3 times rather then more people 1 time is better.
    3. With things like fliers and door hangers, if you can choose when to have them delivered, if you have them delivered during those first few nice days of spring before the season begins you will get a much higher call back rate. When we have put out door hangers on one of those first nice days when people are thinking about spring and yard work we will get a lot of phone calls.

    Just a few of my thoughts. Hope it helps.
  8. DieselLandscaping

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    If your looking to build up a strong business that will keep a good income you may want to change your focus. With our company we aim for the accounts that are full service... Weeds, grass, mulch, hedges, walls, clean ups, and planting. If you figure out your costs, it doesnt really work out to cut someones lawn 27-30 times a year at $40 ($1200). Lets say you cut 46 lawns. They take 35 mins with travel. 27 hours a week. if you have help thats costing you $350 week (10,500/year). Your insurances should be in the range of $3300/year. Fuel between 3-4k. Truck & equipment 3-4k. That puts us @ 20,500/year plus your advert. Leaves you with about 22k for yourself. Now lets say each of those accounts avgs. $500/year for mulch & $500 year for hedges & $500 year in clean ups. You've just doubled your income with alot less looking for work and time wasted giving estimates. Full service accounts are a must in the spring with clean ups & mulch. Not to mention those are usually the ones that will give you referrals.

    Just a little bit of advice.
  9. tlc1994

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    Consider a newspaper ad campaign of about three months. On another post someone explained that with an ad campaign, Joe Somebody will see your name in the paper and say"no, I can do this" but when it gets hot and he says "screw it" your name will still be in the paper weeks later. Craigslist is another option. May not be the best, but its free, and you can at least post a link to your site to drive traffic there.
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    You also should have your pic truck pic on the postcard in the background. the price for the lawn should be there too not 1/4 - 1/2 acre.

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