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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by NC_Irrigator, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. NC_Irrigator

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  2. Team-Green L&L

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    Before anything else is added, you might want to go through and "soop up" what's already there. Use better fonts and graphics placement. The main objective is to keep your lead on your site. If you don't impress them by the time the page loads, they may just click the back arrow and keep searching. You have a good foundation of elements though.
  3. Dirty Water

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    I think you are displaying the full images scaled down to thumbnails by the speed that they load.

    Instead, use two sets of images, A thumbnail sized image that you use image program to make that is small and loads fast, when you click on the thumbnail, link to the fullsize.
  4. Team-Green L&L

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    Good observation. You want a .gif image, a .tiff image, and a jpg of each graphic. Each format is good for different purposes. I'd suggest forking out the $500 for a site from a freelancer. You're good for an amateur, but you can tell it was done by an amateur. Kinda like the black and white fliers in Arial or Times text. It will turn away more than it attracts.
  5. bowenb3

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    I would skip the opening page. Just get to the site. Also pictures take a long time to come up. Seems pretty plain and basic.
  6. WebMan

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    Yes, can the "Enter" page. People hate those, they waste time.
    Also you site is horribly slow. I have very high speed commercial DSL and pages were taking 10 seconds plus to load, that means somebody on dial up it would take 2 minutes. It's either your host or likely your photos. Web site photos should never be more than 96 DPI resolution and be compressed. I notice you use the yahoo site builder, you may be uploading big pictures them making them smaller with the site builder. That won't help. You must resize the pictures to the size you want, lower the resolution, and compress them BEFORE you upload.
    Also your site is only 1/2 screen wide and all off to the left (on a 20") you would want to adjust it to floating width at 100% if their program lets you or at least center it if not.
    Also make your navigation consistent. Put the links to different pages in the same place on every page, don't make people "work" to get around your site.
    Your keywords also do little or no good because there is no text in context to back them up on the pages. No search engine uses keywords much anymore (Google ignores them completely) they read the text on your site for phrase-relevant content. So the key phrases you think people in your area might search for should be used a lot in your text. It's also not W3C valid and contains at least 24 errors on the 1st page past enter. No W3C validation and those errors all cost a bit in the search engines and the bits add up (however it is extremely difficult to get to W3C compliance with any site builder program either on-line or on a home PC. But the lack of relevant text will hurt your search a lot more)

    I'm not trashing your hard work...but you asked. It needs a bunch of work to get a decent search listing and mainly it is so slow, hard to navigate, and contains no obvious reason why a customer should call you as opposed to someone else, so "as is" it is a good bet it won't produce any extra results other than you can say you have a web site.

    (PS: Your domain name is a bad choice too. Your company name probably but too easy to misspell from memory. Say I see it on your truck or a trailer & want to visit.
    1. It's long so it will be hard to see but mainly;
    2. I'm driving, no pencil handy, so when I get to the office or home later I try to remember "was that Koster with a c or with a k? Was it costerirrigation or kosterirrigating? Oh heck...forget it" Get the idea? Even the word irrigation...what if today's generation of great spellers leave out one "r"? They are off to cyberspace. Company names are often the worst domain names :eek: )
  7. Amani

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    Just a few things that you may want to change on the site:
    / Remove the into, this will make many people leave your sight even without giving you a chance
    / You will need to compress your images to make them web friendly. If you try oepn your page it takes time for the images to load.

  8. NC_Irrigator

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    do the pictures load any quicker????
  9. mdvaden

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    Why the need to click to enter the site, when the site should already have been entered?

    Is the web counter so people can see how young the website is? Or is that you main tool of seeing how many people visit the web page?

    The photos are of decent quality.

    Had you tried other page background colors? If so, what did you think of other colors?
  10. hmalekib

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    I think the green background color is too strong.

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