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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by SCBigE, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. SCBigE

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    ive got one account that is nothing but an irrigation cluster f..k. Just as i took on the account i had to replace the box, which the customer said it was the third time. When i replaced the box only 3/4 of the stations worked but the owner said they all worked before i installed the new box. Ever since i replaced the box i loose stations by the week and am down to 2 working now. I tested with a multimeter at each valve and the all have power. I am going to start replacing salenoids next week. WHAT ELSE AM I DOING WRONG? OR IS THERE SOMETHING ELSE I NEED TO CHECK?
  2. Mjtrole

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    I would start at the controller, measure resistance of each solenoid write them down and then check them at the valves, you could have a bad wire splice buried someplace or some bad wiring what kind of site is it?

  3. mitchgo

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    It's very rare to have multiple items fail and then other multiple items fail within a small amount of time that are all unrelated.. Although that does happen , more then likely there is a bigger issue at hand such as the previous post as a bad wire connection somewhere in the field.

    Measuring resistance at the controller- documenting and at the valve. A wire tracer and re-doing wire connections would be the start.

    Think of it as a shotty car repairs man. The alternater is bad but the guy instead replaces the Battery, Harnest, belt ( For some reason?) , Key ignition switch and then he is confused why it's still happening. If you feel you are in over your league you might want to sub this one out?
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    There are a lot of big thunderstorm's on HHI, is that the reason you had to replace that controller ? Is the controller grounded ? It's hard to get a good ground in sandy soil. Lighting can cause trouble all over the place. What kind of lightning protection do you have ? How old is that system ? Bad connection's are a big problem a lot of the time, but an easy fix, if you know were they are. You need to post more detail's.
  5. SCBigE

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    the system has never been grounded since new and has been struck a few times do to large oak trees surrounding the box. i have not done resistance tests from valve to the box due to i dont have 100 ft leads on my multimeter and this is a 5 acre property all irrigated
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    I fixed something like this earlier this fall, buried splice with water resistant connectors outside the building where the wire went from #14 to multistrand to the controller. Just above this splice was a hose bib which a resident told me was leaking. The landscaper replaced the controller in an effort to fix the problem. when I arrived all zones (weathermatic valves) had approx. 70 ohms of resistance, and between any two wires you could complete a circuit.
  7. 1idejim

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    I read both posts and you are in over your head.

    1. check the line power into the controller.
    2. check the vac at each station.
    3. short to earth resistance measurements of all field wires at both ends for comparison.
    4. measure resistance/continuity of each station.
    5. measure the resistance of both the wiring back to the controller and the isolated solenoid.

    Once you have performed and documented all of these measurements you can post the results and let the games begin.
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  8. SCBigE

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    Thank you for your help!
  9. bcg

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    Sorry but...this.

    Get help.
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    what do you mean?
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