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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by SCBigE, Nov 25, 2012.

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    So there was an extra set of wires i found in the valve box and so i hooked them up with the wires that are suppost to be connected to the valve. Connected them turned the station on and it turned on another station. So this means from the clock to the valve box the wires are good. So i replaced the salenoid and connected the wires to the valve which is supposed to be working and nothing happened. What do i do next?
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    you really need a multimeter and learn how to utilize it to diagnose electrical trouble shooting. There is plenty of online free information on how to use one

    Other helpful tools are a station master, a remote, a wire tracer and fault finder.

    Good luck
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    you have to perform the proper tests to identify the condition of the wiring between the controller and each solenoid.

    You stated that the system has been subjected to lightening. A short to earth measurement tells you if the insulation is good or not.

    Standard continuity measurements tell you if the wiring is intact and the resistance of the solenoid.

    Proper wire sequencing and identification can also be performed using the continuity range.

    I listed the testing and information i would need for an evaluation earlier in the thread.

    You have to gather enough information and present it so that those of us that are not on site can point you in the right direction rather than throw out some bullshit theory that they won't or can't back up and confuse the matter more.

    I would like to help you but since i can't test it myself, i have to rely on you to supply the information.

    You might enlist (hire) someone to work with you and learn from him.
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    This is so true.

    I can't tell you how much a stationmaster 24 help's.


    A 521 wire tracer is a must. There are other's, but this is the cheapest.


    This thing will make you dig a lot of hole's, but again, invaluable.


    A remote will save you a lot of time and walking, there are a bunch, this is one of the best.


    Get a multimeter that you don't mind dropping in a puddle and shorting out. Leave the Fluke inside. You can spend a lot of time and money on irrigation troubleshooting, be sure you want to do this.
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