I need my first real edger


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Edmond, Oklahoma
Well at this point I have some nice equipment but I need a nice edger. I have been using my ryobi but have enough saved to move on to something nicer and more more durable. I'm looking around the $300 range any recommendations. One of my trimmer is a echo 230 which I really like and is very light so I was leaning that way. Want the best bang for my bucks

Snyder's Lawn Inc

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Kirksville Mo
I gave 200 for a Poulan pole saw and bought the Edger attchment for it Think its a 02 model It has lasted longer then thought it would It gets use more as a edger then a pole saw I know I used atleast 500-600 blades When bought it bought 1,000 edger blades
But the poulan sometims underpower if its little wet If I have to replace it I'll buy the biggest one I can buy More power


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Flint, Michigan
For any ONE edger to own, it has always been a higher poll of everyone that a wheeled edger is the best way to go. this way, you have the capacity to do initial edges, and edges with higher sod effortlessly. And if you have any larger jobs (commercial type), the fatigue factor is eliminated.

Richard Martin

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Greenville, NC
I've had 2 Stihl edgers since 2000. Nothing is wrong with the edger that I bought in 2000, I just wanted a new toy. Anyway, these Stihl edgers handle 99% of the work I do effortlessly. Wheeled edgers are nice if you have to do a heavily overgrown edge or have miles to walk in one location. I feel that for the everyday, mow and go lawns the wheeled edger is more trouble than it's worth.


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my favorite and only walkbehind edger I'll ever use it the one made by brown. the others are crap compared to it IMO.....

for regular maintenance I use a stihl kombi motor with straight shaft edger attachment. it doubles as my hedge pruners as well.