I Need My Leaves Done by Thanksgiving

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Darryl G, Nov 20, 2012.

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    A lady calls today at around 4:00 and left a message...so that's late on Monday and she wants a cleanup done by Thursday, Thanksgiving. So that gives me 2 days to get it done...like there's a landscaper around here that after a hurricane causing a massive leaf/stick drop isn't already booked out 2 days or more???

    In this case, they have a landscaper but he hasn't shown up for their cleanup yet and they called and he didn't call back. I'm always leary of those...what happens when I'm in progress on the job and he shows up? Anyway, not gonna happen...I'm not bumping my regular customers for one timers, even if they were referred by a regular customer. She was kind of weird on the phone too, refused to give her last name and I had to coax her address out of her. So ok...you won't tell me who you are or where you live and you want your cleanup done within 2 days....I just don't know...................... :dizzy:

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    Funny thing about this I had about dozen clean ups and gutter cleanings to do after thanksgiving. Then it got cold fast and now its I want it done before thanksgiving. I have friends and family coming over.... Well they werent coming in the first place? I hate how people want to wait till the last leaf falls but then something comes up and its a emergency.
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    These are likely the same people that asked you to stop mowing a month early?
  4. herler

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    Oh, the last lawn guy hasn't showed up?
    That to me is a BIG red flag.

    I never thought of the what if he shows up while I'm there but that's a good one too because I've been doing this a long time and I get really tired of that happening to me, mostly because it's happened a lot over the years and please don't tell me I didn't show up on time either, no.

    It's got to where anymore I have that attitude just like Jiffy Lube if I take my car to change the oil and filter and they do it, I then drive my car literally across the street to Grease Monkey and tell them to change the oil and filter, guess what?
    They're going to change it, and charge me for it, too!

    And that's how I look at things, when I get there the work's already done, oh well maybe they want it done twice, and they never called to cancel so I do it and leave a bill... And it can be trouble come time to get paid but I'm ready for that, too!

    It is the customer's responsibility to CALL and CANCEL services with the other Lco!
    Yes even IF they just quit showing up, the customer still needs to CALL and CANCEL!
    More than a few of them don't seem to get that, and nevermind the guy showing up while I'm there.
    I don't want to drive all the way out just to see the work's already done!

    One other thing...
    Customers like that (where the last guy quit showing up), not all of them, but certainly some I end up finding out WHY the last guy quit.
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  5. jrs.landscaping

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    If their other guy "quit" and they need it done ASAP, that's a problem, if they're dictating your schedule and they aren't even a regular. I'd pass, sounds like a nightmare in the making.
  6. Duekster

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    I too am particularly curious as to why they quit showing. Around here is is often in the heat of summer. Many times it is the LCO and not the client but other times it is clearly the client. However, sometimes a client learned something too.

    Most people are honest they just do not understand the nature of the business. There are scammers and they get me less and less as time goes by.
  7. Duekster

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    I agree with this 100%. If I have the time then I would check into gaining a client, If I do not have time then I would go meet with them face to face and try to reason with them that you are booked but would love their business but you have commitments.
  8. ringahding

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    We have twice as many clean ups as last year or any year. The calls would not stop, but we stopped taking calls 3 weeks ago anyway.

    We show up at two clean up jobs on our schedule and they are already finished. "Are you coming"? or "Do you still have us on the list"? No call, nothing.

    About a week or so ago, we had light flurries and people were panicking, so I suppose I do not blame them. But I think about all those calls we did not answer now, since the weather here is sooooooo dry. Over 100 clean ups complete, five togo.

    Bottom line is we(LCO's)are just a number!
  9. Darryl G

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    Yup, I have 2 accounts right now that I stopped showing up on....outstanding balances. So yeah, any time a customer tells me that their guy stopped showing up I can't help but wonder why.

    She said she had them mow over the summer too and she wasn't very happy with them and will be looking for someone different in the spring...summer....what about fall? It probably hasn't been serviced in some time. I've had customers try to lure me into doing something for them with the promise of all sorts of other work and it rarely happens. I'm not sure I'd even want the mowing account next season...kind of off the beaten path/out of my way.

    I could probably squeeze them if I could get my son to help me or do it himself. He's home from college for the holiday but hasn't shown much interest in doing anything before mid afternoon, lol. The only thing that makes me even consider trying to accomodate this potential customer is that it's a referral from a high end customer.
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    Wow I can hardly believe you a bizarre call. How weird is that? Did you alert the press? Has jay leno called you yet for an interview? Maybe you can get a reality show because of the drama.

    I just don't see what the big deal is. Weird call and tour busy. All you had to say was your booked and move on.
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