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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Dirtman2007, Jun 26, 2013.

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    just like the title says it I need some help on a project I have.

    Long story short I bought a farm, put in a trailer until I can build a house and I can do the septic myself without a license in my county.

    That's being said I have the equipment at hand to do this job so Im not paying someone to do it.

    Specs, 1k tank, 640' of line, 3' wide, 30" deep

    I have never done a septic system before so Im kind of clueless

    I've dug the hole for the tank and it will be coming in the next couple of day.

    I think the inspector said I cant have lines over 120 or 125' long and that they must be level.
    so my question is how do I come out of the tank and run 6 individual lines? how do you keep the line level over 125' when the field slopes 2-3' over that distance?

    if anyone who does this could chime in I'd appreciate it. I feel like I can do it I just need some guidance!

    couple pics, lines will go behind the mini


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    Hey Chris,
    I am not a septic guy but when I did the one at my dad's place, we had a main line come out of the tank into a distribution header which basically was pipe cut whatever the distance between each run was then a T fitting to run the pipe the length of the trench.this continued on for however many runs you have. We had to have each run slope away from the tank so that gravity will do its work. To get the proper slope we used a laser level to excavate the trench, then again when the clear stone was added and again on top of the pipe.

    Hopefully this helps a bit
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    Where it comes out of the septic ,you pipe it to a distribution box,the box has to be set level.The box has cutout holes that takes leveler plug that the pipe connects too that goes to the different leach field.If your talking six leach field trenches then your proably have like two on each side and the other ones coming out the front,with the main pipe feeding the box from the septic coming in the back.

    Who ever is selling you your supplys should be able to help you.Can also google septic leach field install and find some info.Use to have some ,but have deleted it.

    The levelers in the box keep everything flowing to the individual leach field with the same amount of water even tho the field are trenched in at different depth,but the bottom of the field need to be level also,but can be at different depths.Good luck
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    Here in ny we use distribution boxes, so one line runs from tank to d-box and the laterals run out from there. You have to set you tank and d-box elevations so that you have pitch/slope to the d-box and pitch/slope to the laterals then the laterals run level. By laterals I mean drain lines.
  5. Construct'O

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    For the 2 to 3 feet drop in slope,you will have to run the leach field trenches at a 90% angle to the slope grade with tees off the main lines.From the liitle bit that i can see of your hole for your septic you could go toward your trailer which might be the slope in the ground ,then tee the lines there and go 90% length wise of you trailer for your 100 ft.

    They don't have to go just straight they and be at angles,but needs to be keep the same distance apart.Hard to explain with out seeing the lay of the ground.

    With that read clay i don't see how it will perk anyway.Here we have to have the santation guy come out and do a perk test and he stakes where the leach field gones.Maybe AWJ will post something better then what i tried to do.

    My guess would be that you have to have pea gravel or something down there in the leach field to give it some place to perk,here it will soak away in the dirt without gravel.
  6. knox gsl

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    I can't tell you the best way to do a manifold/ distribution from the tank into the leach fields but I can give you this advice. "Don't build up the grade of the surrounding area to level the leach fields if there's a slight slope to it. When I installed the septic system at my parents house I took the advice of the county guy and he suggested that I "Build up the ends" to get the lines level. We wound up having to add a 3rd leach field to help as one of the first ones leaked.

    Also not a fan of the infiltrator leach fields, rock and Geo works better (you can run a truck over it).
  7. Construct'O

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  8. ksss

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    We use D boxes as well. You have fall from the tank to the D box and then fall from the D box to the drain field lines. Once at the infiltrators you hold the same grade to the end of the infiltrator line. I like the Quick Four infiltrators. They are more HD and you can easily snake them around obstacles if needed. We have limits on how deep the infiltrators can be from the surface. Usually no more than 4' in the ground. So we have to keep that in mind on the depth of the tank. Usually the more shallow the better.
  9. AWJ Services

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    Have 3 basic systems. Serial, Level field and Dbox.

    Level fields are one continuous loop that connects back too itself at or near the the beginning of the line. Used obviously where the whole trench bottom can maintain the same grade.

    Serial fields are used where there is an elevation change. You dig the first trench level following the contour if the land for 125 feet(state reg in ga) then you put a dam in place or some call it an up and over. What that means is at the end of the trench you fasten a hard pipe too the end of the leach line and raise the pipe so that the bottom of the pipe is a little bit higher than the top of the leach field. Then you can start your next trench at a lower elevation and continue process till your done.The purpose of this is so that the effluent will fill up the first trench before moving too the second trench.

    Dbox systems are where you have a level dist box with multiple outlets. You then need too dived total length too come up with an even number trench length. You then dig each trench with a level bottom and they can be at different elevations.

    You have too run the lines with the grade. Take your laser and and zero it on a spot and make a level line 125 foot. repeat with them being about 8 feet apart. That is where the drainfield will run. You field will need too be lower than your tank outlet so keep that in mind when setting the tank. Place the d box at the leach line with the highest elevation. Run your hard pipe from tank too box and then from box too each leach line. They make a thing called speed leveler that goes in the end of the pipes in the dbox too help even the flow into each pipe.
  10. AWJ Services

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    What kind of material you putting in for the leachfield?
    600+ foot is a bunch of leachfield. Why so much?

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