I need some advice.


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Ok, so i'm in need of some assistance. I got some jobs for a local fast food restaraunt, and i do the mowing and landscaping. They loved my work so they want me to do the rest of the stores in the surrounding counties. There are six total and I needed the work so i took the extra windshield time for a paycheck. however, I took the mowing job for $50 and it took me about 25-30 minutes by myself. The guys tell me the other stores are of the same caliber and so i say if that is the case i'll mow them for $50 also. Well i get there and low and behold these are 4x the work compared to the other stores. So I'm trying to determine what to do next? Should I mow them for the agreed upon price then give a real price of what I'd have to have to mow them? Or should i call up front and tell him NO WAY!? I want to be as professional as possible. but the stores they gave me are $85 to $100 stores minimum. I'm in this business to make money, not work for free. So someone give me some advice on how to maintain professionalism in this situation. PLEASE!


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I'm in this business to make money, not work for free.
Tell them that when you give them the price you need to charge.

Never ever price a job without looking at it. People will always tell you it's an easy job because the want it cheap.

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I would go back and let them know asap to get this under control, the longer you wait the bigger the issue. Also make sure you are getting paid for your ride time in a round about way unless you already are going to these areas.


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IDK what I would do, but it looks like your choices are to work at a loss, (assuming you ever want to hire workers), or to call them and explain the price and have a 50/50 chance of getting paid the absolute value of your work or breaking even but not working.

you just gotta choose one bro.