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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Crocker Lawn, Aug 6, 2012.

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    I am currently running a Dodge pickup truck and trailer for my business. I have been looking at landscape trucks for about two years now, I really like the design and they are easy to maneuver. I like the idea of not having to pull a trailer etc. I have looked at several new and they are always in the price range of $42,000 to $45,000 and I have had a hard time justifying that kind of money. I have a friend in the Lawn care business call me a few days ago telling me to go check out this used truck. I have never really considered a used truck because I wanted a brand new one.

    I went and checked it out and here are the details.... The truck is a single cab isuzu and it does not look bad, it has been taken care of. It has a 18 foot bed on it. What really concerns me is the mileage. It has about 200,000 on it but the Diesel engine has recently been rebuilt. It needs a new exhaust brake and it's leaking a little bit of oil. The body seems to be in great shape. It would def. need a new paint job and the interior redone. It would pass for ok but I would want to spend the money to have it done. It has chrome wheel covers that still look great. The guy wants $4,000 for it. I think I could talk him down to $3,500 or maybe even $3,000 but is it worth it? I really feel like I don't have a lot to lose for that kind of money. I'm sure the body is worth more than $4,000, if all else fails I can take the body off and sell it or put it on a new truck. Or I could restore everything and still come out a lot cheaper than $45,000! Should I buy or run far way? ha Any advice would be great. Thank You
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    If it is in good shape why not , its only 4 grand.
    how many mils you run a year? 15000 +- That truck could go 200,000 more miles . I would do it .
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    He may be getting rid of it BC it is nickle and diming him? Or not. Just food for thought
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