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I need some creative ideas...


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so I am doing this booth at a local community marketplace, its just a local show your business off type deal. Anyways it brings in like three thousand people from the town over two days, its in the local high school. I have a 8 by 10 booth and I would appreciate some creative ideas as to what I should do to attract customers. Thanks
Before and After pictures always work wonders. Maybe set up a nice, CLEAN, Mower so people can appreciate the size of the machine...(the men will probably appreciate that).
Pics of your work is a must I would think. Flyers, coupons etc. Maybe (this will take some work) cut two pieces of sod, larger pieces and lay them side by side...cut one with a homeowner mower with dull, crap blades, then cut the other with a commercial mower with perfectly sharp blades. Show the difference? You can probably do that with pics or a video......just some ideas.....Give aways are cool too, hats, frisbees etc.


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All of the above.

And offer them a screaming deal, to try you out. 3,000 people is a lot of great marketing. If you can offer them something to get them to call you you could gain a ton.

It is worth it to give a little in the beginning to gain a loyal customer. We really do make so much off our customers, over the time we have them. I can tell you I'll give a way free labor to bag as many as I can.

Free Labor = Ad Budget = Discounts = (any new innovative idea)

They are all the same in the end. For a growing business other than the GOLDEN REFERRALS there is little you can do to gain new customers. Marketing costs its as simple as that.