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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Gerg21, Jan 28, 2004.

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    I am looking to get a larger mower for 04. I have a lot of row houses and about 3 large lawns that each take me a hour to cut,edge and blow off with a 22'' Toro. I am not sure what size or brand of WB I should get. I would like to get something between a 36 or 48, I know I need larger equipment in order to grow. I have 2 concerns I need to be able to get the mower into gates and into the trailer I have 4 x 8 trailer. In regards to fitting in the trailer I have looked at Toro 44'' and Grate Dane gateway which is a 32'' that folds down to a 52''. Cost $5,899 + tax. Does any one know any thing about the Grate Danes? some other questions I have are justing starting out should I go with hydro or belt? Which racks do others use I have looked at Trimmer Trap and Jungle Jim's which do you think would be better? I live in MD I was told that you do not need to have a licenses, but I would still like to have my company name licensed how do I go about becoming a LLC? Thank you for the help.
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    Here's a link and an application for LLC for MD.
    If you dont take the corporate seals and you dont take the speed service then your fee will be ± $257
    Hope this helps
  3. OP

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    Thank you I will check it out.
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    I'd personally go with a 36" hydro..why??you can get it through gates, the hydro will be more productive than a belt mower...add a jungle-jim sulky to it, and you'll be rockin'...the 36" is also a great foundation mower...even if you purchase something bigger, later on you'll be wishing you'd bought the 36"...I see it all the time, guys start out and purchase 60" mowers not realizing you can't get them through small gates...there are also other lawn situations you'll need a 36" on as well...
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    Ditto on the 36". I have been doing this for 11 years and I have 5 large commercial mowers now from 36" up to 72". I definately need a 36" for time saving in fenced areas. Its a good versitle mower.
  8. OP

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    I forgot to add one thing fixed or floating deck?
  9. PR0 TURF

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    My quick advice...we have always used the TrimmerTrap and have been very pleased with durabilty over the last 3 years of solid abuse.
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    I also suggest the 36" hydro with floating deck. I prefer the toro,
    only because of the T-bar steering. If you can get used to a pistol grip, I'd go with exmark hydro. If you have the opportunity, demo a few of them & see how each works out for your specific accounts. SCOTT

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