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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by mike33087, Mar 6, 2007.

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    okay i have a customer who lives ontop of a rather steep and parking is very tight. For parties and functions he is continually parking cars on the lawn and he hates doing it but there is no where else, unless you park at the bottom and walk up cause the road / driveway is narrow.

    So what he wants is to cut into the area where he usually has people park but wants to still have it look nice, i was thinking of pavers but he mentioned something about Grass Crete systems, apprently they have it for a fire access road at his work. I looked at their website and said to myself that he probably wont want it once he finds the the price http://bomanite.com/home_specifiers.htm

    so what i am looking for is probably the cheapest but nice looking way to add about 8 parking spots to the area. I would like to avoid gravel because of plowing but im not gonna rule it out. thanks for your help/
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    I just saw a catalogue with a product "Grassy Pavers". It is from IKEX, web page www.hanesgeo.com
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    asphalt is cheap.
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    One thing to remember about the grass pavers and the grasscrete systems is an irrigation system is a MUST if the customer is wanting the grass to stay green.

    It's a major PITA to maintain this stuff (grass) and keep it looking good, and working around it isn't exactly easy either (been there, done that).
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    NDS and others have created a plastic grid system for growing grass and supporting traffic. With the NDS system you can buy rolls or panels that all interconnect and create a load transfer system capable of supporting a fire department ladder truck, but still have plenty of space for good grass growth.

    The turf in these areas will need extra care as the only topsoil is in the paver system that rests on a stone supporting base. Irrigation and fertilization will be extremely important, but can lead to great success.


  7. D Felix

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    This is the stuff that I was referring to in my last post...
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    Ideal makes two pavers you should take a look at..........."Turfstone" & "Uni Eco-Stone". Each "Turfstone" paver covers 2.6 sf and weighs in at 56lbs. Northeast Nursury carries them.......your cost around $2.80 a square.......$7.25 a piece. idealconcreteblock.com/pavers.cfm

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