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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by tramahor, Jan 17, 2002.

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    Hi guys, thanks in advance for your help. I am planning to expand my landscaping this Spring and am wondering if I should join a national association? I have been looking into PLCAA and it seems to be the most resonable. Any input? Do you think this will help in securing commercial customers. Thanks again Frank.... :confused:
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    Frank, I'm suprised no ones commented on this one yet.

    Joining an association can help improve your professional image. Many have criteria that expect professionalism from their members.

    Now who to join? Depends on your budget. Most have dues of some sort. Some dues are a flat fee depending on whether you're the owner, key employee, student or supplier. Some charge depending on gross sales for the year.

    If you're on the small side, start with local associations. Many are affiliated with statewide associations. The Nationals are good if you can afford them. They do a lot of good on the national levels(ie government lobbying).

    Another plus to the local associations is the networking. Its always better to have an industry show of force when the local greenies try to legislate you out of business.
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    We have choice of state or national here in NJ. I prefer national althought our state nuresery & landscape association is excellent. Turf grass and irrigation associations at our state level leave a lot to be desired.

    If you heavy in landscape ALCA is good, PLCAA if your heavy in lawn care. I belong to PLCAA. These organizations have a ton of resources if you care to take advantage of them.

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