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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Catos, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. Catos

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    I´m trying to learn how to install sprinkler systems, I never have installed one before. I just got a job to install one, the home owner wants a pump to run from his creek to the sprinkler system to water his yard. So I am asking you guys would this be too much for me to try to handle, being that I never have installed a spinkler system. I figure I´ve got to start someone where.
  2. Broker

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    Running a pump from a creek? First you have to check with the E.P.A and then depending on the size (depth) you might need to bring in a excavator and dig out a area (how deep depends on the pump) drop a large perforated pipe and backfill with river rock. What this will ensure that your pump is taking in water without as much debris.
  3. Georgia Bull Dog

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    This is more complicated for someone who never did this. The above comments are correct plus there are calculations to determine the correct size of the pump to accomidate the water requirements per zone. Some areas the water company owns all the water even in ponds and creeks. If soil gets in the system it will screw up the valves and heads. With this one you need to have someone help you with experience. Sorry, I don't think this is a starter job. Noel.... 20 yrs in Sprinklers
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    Check to see if the State owns the water in the creek. May need to get special permits and pay for water used.
  5. jerryrwm

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    Well, not to be discouraging to you, but this might not be the job you want to cut your eye-teeth on. As has been said, there are a few more things required when pumping out of a surface water source. There are many reputable irrigation contractors that can install one helluva irrigation system, but don't know 'come here from sic 'em" when it comes to pumps. Elevation changes, suction lift, TDH, power source, submersible, centrifugal, jet, or turbine pumps, starters, control panels, etc, etc.... can really be a nightmare if not properly addressed. Also, there is the permits that may be required to pump from an alternative source.

    You might consider hiring a licensed contractor to do the work, and carefully observe the installation. The installation of the sprinkler system proper is really no different than one from a meter source. Pipe is still sized, and heads are still spaced. It's just the other requirements that make this one not one to start with.

    I'm not sure you need to bring in an excavator to build a wet well for a residential system that will probably be run on less than a 5 hp pump. That seems like a bit of overkill. But you do need to make provisions for keeping the pump intake out of the mud, and relatively free of debris. Also, consider options for pump removal in case of flooding, and for servicing. We have hired divers to install and retreive pumps from lakes.

    Just a little caution before jumping in with both feet.

    Also, just curious about how you got the job? Does the homeowner know that you don't normally (ever) install irrigation systems?

    Jerry R.
    Tx Lic Irr #1452
  6. DanaMac

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    Don't feel bad about turning down a job you're not qualified for. Maybe find someone who can do it as you will have more contacts than the homeowner.

    I just turned down one job I didn't feel comfortable doing. Not that I couldn't do it, but what the customer wanted would have been a nightmare and not very professional loking. It really should have been designed and engineered properly and he wanted me to just wing it. Cistern, pump, 1000' mainline with all quick couplers (originally going to be all drip zones), well with no specifications, and sod already laid. And the nighbors are already sueing him. He was going to put in 2 huge ponds and a creek between them and fill it using the well. Neighbors cried he was stealing all the water. I didn't want to put it in and fix it all damn summer.
  7. Wet_Boots

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    If you had to pick the worst possible starting point for an irrigation career, it would involve the pumping of surface water. So much can go wrong, starting with the water itself. While the application of the legal concept can vary from state to state, the creek water is likely to be the property of the State of Georgia, and the use of it for lawn sprinkling could be prohibited by law. How deep is the creek? At the height of summer, will it still be that deep? Intake strainers for surface water can leave something to be desired in the removal of debris and algae. If you have a pump located near the water source, how will you handle the power (electrical codes, you know) to it, and the mounting of it higher than the highest possible flood level? I could go on, but my fingers would be bleeding by the time all the pitfalls here could be enumerated. :drinkup:

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