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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by EveningIllumination, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. EveningIllumination

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    Hello All,

    I am going to get a signed contract for this job tomorrow. I would like to get some advice from the seasoned installers on this board about how to best install the six fixtures across the eve of this building. I am using 5 of Nightscaping's Guardians and 1 Unique Crusader. Here is a photo of the demo I set up and the property during the day.




    Any and all suggestions/opinions will be greatly appreciated. I will be pulling up the pavers to install the Unique Nova's under the Frangipani and the other tree.
    The transformer will be installed on the wall on the left side - close to all the other electrical stuff.
    Thank You for your time and thoughts - looking forward to hearing them all!!
    Have A Great Day!!
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  2. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    Bobbi, I suggest you choose another fixture rather than the Guardian. The Guardian is designed to mount on a vertical surface only. The only vertical surface I see there is the fascia under the roof tiles. Problem with that is when it rains / hurricanes, those fixtures will flood or get torn completely off the J-hook that they use to mount.

    Is there anyway to mount a flush downlight on the soffit just inside of the fascia? This would maintain the effect you are looking for and keep the fixtures off the fascia where they are sure to be damaged/flooded .

  3. EveningIllumination

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    For your comments - for this particular job the NS guardian fixtures are the only ones I have available. These fixtures can be hung from the finial just inside the fascia board and I really appreciate you bringing that up because I didn't even think of that.

  4. Pro-Scapes

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    If I were mounting inside the facia boards I would probably use a UNIQUE probe OSM with the shroud reversed. Depends on the angle I would need to adjust to. The fixture is pretty short and wouldnt hang below the facia board much. Chuck at FOLD should have these in stock for you and is very close to you. You can even get it in white at no extra charge and it SHOULD come with the mounting base but make sure you ask for SPHERE base and not the STRAT bracket. Make it clear you want OSM not OBM... The osm is side mounted.
  5. Lite4

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    I hate the look of ground fixtures hanging on a wall or off a ceiling or soffit. I think it looks unprofessional and tacky. Why not use a fixture designed for that application, recessed LV soffit w/ adjustable eye. That way you see the light, not the source.
  6. RLDesign

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    Tim, Can you provide me with the fixture you would suggest for an exterior lowvolt recessed rotable/re-positionable eyeball? You can PM me directly if needed.


    Reynolds Lighting
  7. EveningIllumination

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    I really don't understand this comment. All the fixtures I used across the eve are intended for surface mount down lighting.

    I have used the fixtures I currently have in stock from my own demo kit that I have compiled from Ebay, My grandmother's old stock and some purchased from other sources. This will be my first professional installation, if I get the job, and I have made a deal with the owner to do it at cost for 24/7/365 signage advertising on the property. She has indicated that the cost needs to be kept down but wouldn't commit to a set price.

    So, my real question was: What is the best way to run the wires - to be cost effective and look professional.

    Thank You for your time and information.

  8. EveningIllumination

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    I would also be interested to know about the recessed LV soffit fixture, I have never seen one with an adjustable eye. I think the washtub sits too far out from the eve for that type of fixture to work and get good lighting on the hibiscus blooms when they are present.
  9. Alan B

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    I think it looks pretty good especially if this is your first install.

    The one new design comment I would like to add is illuminating the name on the awning. Since its a business, it would be great to light up the company name. I like how the side supports/vines are silhouetted so I wouldn't suggest broadcast lighting the entry or you'll lose that. Instead back lighting the awning so the co name is glowing thru the awning. Maybe get a piece of durtrans or comparable material (company logo in color on transparent sheet for $100), inlay it into the awning cover and backlight.

    The more I think of it, I would spend the money on a new awning cover (one that will slightly illuminate when backlit) before anything else (including illuminating the building). As a business, that should be the most important aspect for her Pet Salon so people see who they are.

    my 2 cents.


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  10. EveningIllumination

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    Thank You Alan,

    This is the back of the house that the business is located in. The only people who see this sign are customers that bring their pets in during the operating hours of 9am-5pm. I am going to shine a light in there and see how it looks but, that is not the most important sign for her business. The important business sign is a large white concrete and stucco wall in the front yard. We have talked about lighting that too - She has three large live oaks that will be a lot of fun to light and get some great lighting on that sign which is visible on the street and from a major intersection. I have recommended down lighting from the trees and she likes the idea. But, one thing at a time. She has dog obedience classes in the back every Monday night and this will light the patio area for those nights.

    I appreciate your thoughts.
    Have A Great Day!!

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