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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Without A Drought, Jul 25, 2006.

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    Hey all,
    first post on lawnsite, so consider my cherry popped. i'm in the market for a compressor and plow. gas T30, or 175 tow behind, used obviously, and 255 or 410. in NJ or tri-state. not looking to break the bank either, (small outfit on the way to bigger things).
    as a side note, i sliced me thumb a few weeks ago, and am semi out of commision for the time being, i'm looking for a part time tech to help service the bergen county area, with more full time work to follow.

    any help is fulluy appreciated.

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    Welcome aboard! Have you talked to Steve or Wade @ Aquarius, Doug @ Shemins and I forget the guy's name @ John Deere? I know from experience, that Aquarius rocks and that Steve and Wade can get you anything!!! Ask them about some experienced help.

    Call United Rentals for the compressor and I believe there is a Case guy off of RT 46 by the Home Cheapo. I can't recall their name off the top of my head, but they have used machines all the time.

    Hope that helps a little. Good luck!!!

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