i need some sugestions on new mower

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by snapper, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. snapper

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    I am tired of fighting my worn out gravely walk behind, pro 50 50" deck. It was worn out when i got it, i am tired of putting money into, and it wont mow level. I do not have alot of yards right now, mainly due to the mower. I am thinking about trying to get a loan buy something then get enough yards to pay it off, worst case i would have to find a job next winter if i didnt make enough. I would like to spend 4000 or less. i have looked at gravely which is closest to me. I liked the 48 belt drive pistol grip, and i liked the hydro 36" (might of been pro steer) the belt was 2899 and the hydro 36 was 3699. I liked these two. I am looking for two things, what else is out there in this price range that would be a good choice? And if it came down to gravely, would it be better to get the smaller deck and hydro? or go big deck and belt? I like hydro but i just cant spend enough to get big deck and hydro(please no hydro is better, i understand all the advantages). How much time difference would there be on the same yard with two above mowers? the hydro is smaller, but could it be more productive? Most of my yards are not too big, i have one or two that have some size, and several have some hills. I know the hydro is better on hills. So i guess the tow things i really want to know at this time are: are there any other choices i should consider, and given the exact same yard, belt drive 48 hydro 36, what would be the time differences in mowing them/ which would be better in the long run?

    Thanks guys!! chris
  2. kirk brown

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    hey chris
    i just got a huskvarna hydro. 36"
    it was a demo from over the winter and got $1000 off.
  3. jtkplc

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    I have a Gravely 36" hydro walkbehind. I've never used a 48" walkbehind, but I wouldn't think that the hydro could make you that more efficient to out perform the 48" deck. Unless you have tricky properties that require a lot of backing up or moving around, then the 48" belt would be faster.

    As far as other brands, Exmark, Scag, and Hustler are some other brands guys will recommend.
  4. steve45

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    If I were you, I wouldn't borrow money to buy new equipment and hope that I could increase my sales to cover it. I'd see what I could find in the way of good, low time used equipment and pay cash. Build the business up more, then start shopping for newer stuff.
  5. mrbray101

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    i agree with steve, borrowing money is usually not a good idea. Look through the classifieds in your area, i know here there are tons of nice mowers for sale with low hours especially around this time of year. What steve said is true about the size of the mowers, a 48 belt would be more productive and affordable. I know everyone on here is anti belt drive, belts are the devil but whenever i worked for someone else i always ran the 52 and 36 belts all day. They were fine never had any problems. Now i have my own 36 belt lesco. I have been very happy with it thus far, my lesco dealer is very helpful as well. Hope some of this helps you out a little bit.
  6. Signature Landscaping1

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    I think a lesco 48'' beltdrive w/b would be great, i just got one and i love it, or a lesco 48'' hydro w/b, there prices are great!!!
  7. GPDesign1

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  8. snapper

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    so what is the biggest practical yard you can mow with a 36"? I am thinking it would be better to go smaller deck and have a hydro? any thoughts? And on a different note, how small of a yard can you practicaly mow with a 62" deck?

    LAter chris
  9. ed2hess

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    A lot of people try to mow both large and small lots. We built our business on small properties and so we have 32" and 36" WB. We do have two 48" units that we use on some commericial properties. I think when you start out you should decide on one or the other. We have mowed a 3 acre field with our two 36" units...not a big deal.
  10. P & L Turf

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    Exmak all the way!!!!!!! I wouldn't go with anything else!!!!!:cool:

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