I need some suggestions for an area that is a PIA.

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Steve V., Jun 13, 2008.

  1. Steve V.

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    In this modern world they build houses too close to each other (at least around here). We have nine houses on what should be an eight house cul-de-sac. That means that there is hardly any room to get around the A/C unit on the side of the house. The only way to cut behind it is with a weed eater unless I were to make a gate back there. I am thinking of pulling up all of the grass and putting lava rock down. I would start about two feet in front of the A/C unit and take it all the way back to the fence. My questions are....should I put a weed block material down under the rocks or just stay real handy with the roundup and does anyone have a better suggestion for the rocks (lava rocks kind of match the brick). Or, does anyone have a better idea altogether. Please forgive my rambling as I am in the middle of painting two rooms as I type this. Here is the area in question. I was also thinking about running the rocks down to the end of the fence towards the front of the house. When I do this, I am also going to cut the bottom six inches off of that fence and put a rot board on.



    Behind AC.JPG

    Fence line.JPG

    Front of AC.JPG

    In between house and AC.JPG
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    dont put lava dont, buy some other nice rock, its really not that expensive
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    Adding lava rock and killing the grass will only heat up the area around your A/C unit, making it less energy-efficient than before.

    I'd recommend killing out the grass, then putting in a mulched bed with groundcover suitable for you climate that doesn't tend to climb, or 'grab' onto things.

    Groundcover beds, so long as they're not OVER-fertilized, generally only need to be clipped down to maintain a reasonable height no more than twice a year.

    I usually only use compost on my groundcovers to protect against this kind of unnecessary surge growth.

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