I need suggestions for a bed layout!

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by bah1491, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. bah1491

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    Heres what im working with, the customer had us remove the rock and now wants new landscaping put in. Im not totally sure what plants to use to help prevent erosion. The large rock is now gone, im going to bring in some topsoil and use a weed fabric. Any suggestions would be great.
  2. a plus bob

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    Some pictures would help alot so we know what your dealing with.
  3. bah1491

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    im trying to get pictures lol ive been having trouble loading them....
  4. bah1491

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    here we go....

    I dont think erosion will be too much of an issue, but id still like to see some ideas as far as plantings go.

    Hartman Lawn Care 036.jpg

    Hartman Lawn Care 037.jpg

    Hartman Lawn Care 035.jpg

    Hartman Lawn Care 040.jpg
  5. Smallaxe

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    I would just go to a descent nursery and find what ever fast growing ground cover plant attaches to the hillside easily to replace the rocks. In the midst of it - plant shrubs that match the house and terrain.

    Talking the customer into keeping the rocks and placing shrubs in amongst them, would have been the way to go. Or terracing stairs with landscaping timbers is good for moving around the outside of the house.

    I wouldn't bring in a bunch of topsoil so it can wash away - I would just dump compost into the individual planting holes.
    Any mulch? Or is the weed fabric going to be your erosion control?
  6. ron mexico75

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  7. bah1491

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    Thanks....i will only bring in maybe 20 or 30lbs of top soild just to fill in the low spots around the house and some other areas. I tried to get her to keep the rock, but she hates the insects, trash, and the overall look for that area i guess. i was trying to convince her to do a sitting wall that curved with the patio and then landscaping behind it, but she wants to do a wall at another location in the lawn. I dont think erosion will be much of a concern the slope doesnt get much water run off.
  8. bah1491

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    and yes, im going to be using mulch over the fabric
  9. RedMaple Lawns

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    I think the Bearberry would work and look great, especially after a couple growing seasons.
  10. pitrack

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    I wouldn't use fabric, since you have this slope I think the mulch will tend to slide down it.

    I would get some quick rooting plants and just put down a pre-emergent then mulch on the dirt, maybe throw a couple smaller boulders in there to break it up and to somewhat help with erosion. My 2 cents.

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