I need to buy another ZTR soon...

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by wemfan, May 1, 2010.

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    Here is the deal. I have 10 acres that I am building a house on. Last season I bought a Kubota ZD331 and it works well on the 10 acres. I know the Kubota is going to serve me well mowing the wide open spaces but I also need another mower for the tighter places and for a bit cleaner cut. For this season I live on just over an acre with lots of trees and the 72" Kubota is just too much machine for such a small lot. I need to buy a ZTR that will work well on where I am living now and also on the 10 acres which after this season I will be moving to. I am thinking that a lighter machine, narrower cut (48"-54") would be good for around the house and other tight places like between the fence and the road, etc. My wife and I like to mow together and on the 10 acres having two mowers should be a big help.

    I am thinking gas this time and either a 48" or 54" ZTR. My wife would like to have a mulching system on this mower. I live in Oklahoma so I am mowing Bermuda grass. What features, models or suggestions do you guys have? I plan to buy another ZTR in the next week or so. I appreciate the help.
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    Where at in ok? Look at gravely! Great mowers, great price.
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